‘Under’- the First Underwater Restaurant in Europe in Norway.

After the world getting impressed with Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, Snøhetta took a clue and built Under which is the first undersea restaurant in European continent.

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Situated at Lindesnes next to Baly, a small town, Norway, this incredible restaurant is half submerged which makes it look strikingly similar to half sinking ship. The structure which is built in this radical angle was built with meter thick concrete that walls are designed to withstand all the forces of the water.

According to Snøhetta’s website, they created Under with the little fishes in mind. The concrete shell under water is a perfect breeding ground for mussels to build colonies; this provides clean water which will help other types of marine life to thrive. Later on teams will be sent in to monitor and help the growth of these colonies.

The restaurant serves mainly local food and setup includes space for a hundred diners at a time. While sitting in the restaurant you can look out of the huge acrylic windows that show the superb view of underwater sea life.

There are 3 levels that guest have to follow while slipping down under, the first is a wardrobe room, the second level is a Champagne room and finally the main restaurant area with an ever changing aquarium.

The name ‘Under’ also means 'wonder' in Norwegian, and from its architecture and open sea aquarium, there’s no mystery why. 

The restaurant will be opened to the public in February 2018. Who’s going? Comment below!


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