10 Beauty Hacks for Lazy Girls that Actually Work!

There are many girls out there who will do everything to make sure they look good all the time. Applying copious amounts of make-up in layers, washing, drying, straightening and curling their hair, until it looks like they have just walked out of a salon. But all this is just way too much for us lazy girls. If we are going to pick up any makeup article it had better serve more than one purpose or have an easy & quick application procedure or else….

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So here are a few beauty hacks for some of my comrades, who hate doing too much because of we just don’t want to put any energy into anything.

1. Hair Style in Seconds

Check out this quick and almost instant hair style that looks simply adorable! 

1. Put on a headband that has an elastic back.
2. Take a portion of hair from the left hand side above the ear and roll it over the elastic portion of the headband and reach it half way across.   
3. Repeat the same process for the right hand side until both sides meet and cover the whole back portion of the headband and you are done!

2. No Eye liner? Mascara to the rescue!

When your eye-liner gets over and you haven’t got the time to buy a new one use your mascara as eye-liner. Simply dab your eye-liner brush onto the mascara wand filled with mascara and line your eyes!

3. Particular spot concealer

Ever think that concealer caked on your face makes you look as fake as Kylie Jenner’s lips? I feel the same, that’s why I was really happy with this hack. You only apply your concealer on the spots that need it and not covering your face. It leave you looking more natural as well as saving time and money.

4. Use an expired credit card to create the perfect cat-eye! 

Simply hold it in place at the correct angle and draw a line, using the card as a ruler and fill in the rest of your winged liner! It makes it super easy to get that perfect line.

5. Eye-liner and curl your lashes simultaneously

This trick is perfect for lazy girl who want to do two things at once.


1. First apply eye pencil in a straight proper line on the eyelash curler on the portion that will reach along the rim of your eye.
2. Then simply curl your lashes pressing gently yet firmly on your lid.
3. And there you have it! Curled lashes and straight- stamped on eye-liner!

6. Curl your hair in a 3 steps

When you want to curl your hair to change things up a bit but it is just too annoying and tedious to curl it in defined and small portions, here is your solution! 


1. Simply tie your hair in a high ponytail, and then separate it in two. 
2. After this curl both halves separately one after the other. 
3. Then open the ponytail and part your hair slightly combing it into place with your fingers. 
And there you go a stylish quick hairstyle!

7. Nail art in seconds

You know how cute and adorable nail art can be but if only it was easy and instant.... Try this!


1. Paint on a coat of any fun color you prefer. 
2. Place a band aid with the dots on the first coat after it is dried.
3. Paint over the band aid with a lightly color that should be visible on the first coat’s color.
4. Slowly and carefully take off the band aid and bingo! Your cute, simple nail art is ready!

8. Quick and easy Smoky eye

There are those days when you feel like a smoky eye would be a fun thing to do today. But when you look up those smoky eye tutorials you scratch your head thinking how in the hell do they have so many shades of black pencil and eye shadow! Here is a simple trick that can give you a similar look.


1. First draw a eyeliner across your eye using an eye pencil. 
2. Then take a cotton Q-tip and lightly and smudge it more towards the outer sides of your eye leaving the middle lighter. To brighten up the inner part use a light silvery or pearl eye shadow.
3. And that’s all! Your new smoky eye look is ready!

9. Brighten your eyes

Use a white or nude eye liner to line the lower waterline of your eye. This will instantly brighten up tired, sleepy eyes making you look lively!

10. Cheeks and lips with your Handy lipstick

No time to apply a proper face of make-up? That’s okay! Apply your lipstick and then use a little of the same on the apples of your cheeks to give them a little color. This will give you a simple and quick make up look that isn’t too hard on the eyes as a full face of make-up. Using neutral colors like tan, light pink or peach will look good, or of course, you can never go wrong with a classic red lipstick.


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