10 Comic Strips That Every Girl Can Relate To.

Girls are a rare species. We have crazy highs and the deepest of lows and those can occur minutes from each other. But we also happen to be the type of people that are very hopeful. Here are a few things that every girl that reads this post will definitely relate to.

1. Lipstick is a pain in the butt

We love painting our lips exotic and bright colors that accentuate are lips and give the outfit some pizzazz. But to handle the lipstick when its put on the lips is an absolute nightmare! Am I right?

Image Credit : C Cassandra

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2. Working out or exercising

Yeah, so most of us have to go to school or work and don’t have the time or the energy to work out. But it’s all good because I heard someone say that laughing helps your muscles tighten or something like that. If that’s true I’m good…

Image Credit : Sarah See Anderson

3. Endless hunger

Whoever says girls don’t eat properly hasn’t ever talked to a girl. Girls love stuffing their faces and we do it every opportunity we get! And yeah, we do get cravings when we’re on our period. And yes, you have to give us to eat, exactly what we ask for, or else…

Image Credit : Oeya Moniz

4. My period! Not again!

No matter how old a woman is she hates getting her period, and is mostly never prepared for it. Mostly because we think maybe it won’t happen again... Just maybe…

5. Comfort = no bra + lose pants

The magic moment for every single woman in the world is taking off their bra when they reach the comfort of their home. It just feels like FREEDOM!! And those super-tight jeans that probably stop your circulation that you tolerate because of fashion, when that button gets undone, the world is once more as it should be…

6. Long hair- everywhere

It gets to a point where your hair gets stuck in everything, your blouse, your bra, your backpack, your car boor, other people… you name it, it’s been trapped. Trying to enjoy a lovely windy stroll with your boyfriend is just a big no.

Image Credit : US Humor

7. Nothing to wear

Instead of scraping everyday to find something at the bottom of the closet we just review our lifestyles and agree unanimously that constantly buying new clothes and accessories is the best and only solution. Our priorities are seriously warped, but at the same time it makes us really really happy…

Image Credit : Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman

8. Jealousy galore

Okay so the reason we get so jealous is because we’re super insecure and not confident in ourselves. But seriously who asked you about my boyfriend! Obviously I know he’s cute, he’s my boyfriend isn’t he?

Image Credit : Angry Little Girls

9. Again with the food

Let me tell you something about us. We will argue and argue and fight and destroy you until our bellies are full. After you fulfill that wish, we will be like putty in your hands. Learn my brothers… learn

10. Staying up late and ruining your sleep cycle

We do it every time. And each time we swear we won’t do it the next time, but we do it anyways! Staying up late texting or checking Instagram or Facebook or stalking exes or crushes, watching YouTube videos or movies or our favorite TV shows all the while thinking why waste all this precious time sleeping when we could be doing something so much more fun! But when the morning comes….


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