10 Cool Things You Can Do On Rainy Days

Rainy days are probably the most confusing days out of all the seasons. We all think of doing so many fun stuffs but probably end up sitting idle and getting bored. Dark clouds and constant showers hovers around as we sit idle, wasting our time thinking of what to do. So many things can be done on rainy days, there is no hard and fast rules for it; just make sure it’s done! 

So let’s check out some probable cool things you can do on rainy days.

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1. Movies 

What could be more fun than to watch movies, when it’s raining outside? The cold breeze, the fresh smell of the rain all accentuates a perfect mood for a movie.

2. Playing Video Games

Because you can’t go outside, the only way to revamp yourself is to play video games. That’s pretty much engaging.

3. Indoor Games

Even if we are totally into digital gaming and all the handy apps and games, it’s fun to engage yourself in board games, indoor hide and seek, card games and so on.

4. Try out cooking special dishes

It’s probably the best time to go straight into the kitchen and build that ‘masterchef’ confidence in trying out something new. Cook some new and hot mouth-watering dishes and serve hot while the cold rainy weather is making up the background for you.

5. Give yourself a homemade spa

There is nothing relaxing than a self pampering session. Give yourself a nice spa and rejuvenate all your tired skins and cells.

6. Books and magazines always serve for rainy days

Books and magazines are your all time partner. Book yourself in reading books and magazine and get lost into stories.

7. Write journals, stories and can check out your poetic skills

Have your self time. Pen down all your thoughts and emotions. Write stories, memories and can also try out poetries.

8. Take rainy day pictures

The laziest pastimes one can ever have. And believe me; you will get tons of best shots during the rain.

9. Take a Nap

It’s the best time to spend alone time and take a nap. Rest your mind and body keeping all your gadgets and stuffs away from you. You won’t get such days very often. So make the most of it.

10. Test your Craft skills

Sign up for some craft skills and DIYs. It’s fun to do. And even if you fail in it, who cares? It’s your own masterpiece.


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