Craziest Condom Life Hacks That Really Works!

You know obviously what condoms are meant for. And if you don’t then here’s a quick educational guide: Condoms are a barrier method of contraception. The thin sheath is made of latex or rubber that’s been worn while having sexual intercourse, in order to avoid pregnancy, HIV AIDS and STDs. But condoms are very useful as a hack. It might sound crazy, but this works. Now, not everybody carries a condom. But if you do carry a condom, but you don’t carry the proper tool then your condom might save you.

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These are the crazy condom hacks, which might be weird but it works : 

1. Protect your food

If you are too worried about your favourite banana, I mean the fruit of course, and then protect it by covering them with the condom you got. No extra skill required, just cover it up like you do when you do the deed!

Image Credit : Her Campus

2. Tie big bundles

You got huge ropes or cables but you don’t have any string to tie, but you got a condom instead? Stack all you ropes or cables together, and instead of a string or a rubber band, use a condom to tie the bundle.

Image Credit : ThaiTrick

3. Use it as an elastic rubber band

In case you ran out of elastic bands but not condoms, then take it out; and cut it horizontally into many circular strips. There you go! You got your small elastic bands that are stretchable and can be used for tying anything. 

Image Credit : ThaiTrick


4. Protect your phone

If it can protect your special parts, then why not a phone? In case you are on a beach or its raining hard, take out a piece of condom and use it as a phone covering. It will become water, spills and dust resistant.

Image Credit : Instructables

5. Start a fire

Suppose you are on an adventure with your girl, and you simply can’t ignite a campfire. So take out the condom that you bought it along and then try to ignite. It will surely help in firing up the night!

Image Credit : ThaiTrick

6. Shoe polish

Too busy to have romance and absolutely forgot to polish your office shoes? Condoms can help! Take out one and rub it on the surface of your shoes. The artificial lubricant present in the condom will make your shoes look brand new and no one will guess with what you did this magic!

Image Credit : ThaiTrick

7. Open jar lead

Take out a condom, stretch it wide. Place on top of the jar lead that’s hard to open. And then twist the jar lead applying a bit force. And taa-daa! Your lead will open easily.

Image Credit : Sooziq

8. Ice bag

Now this one is an emergency hack! If you really need an ice bag in case of a muscle pain or injury, but you don’t have one, then you can make one. Fill water in a condom and tie the end. Place it in the freezer unless it becomes cold and hard, and there you go: your own DIY emergency ice bag.

Image Credit : Instructables

9. Emergency bathroom

You are out somewhere and you really need to pee and there’s no public toilet nearby. Hard situation right? Well why not pee in a condom? I know it is one big waste but it just in case you can’t hold your pee, condom is on the rescue!

Image Credit : ThaiTrick

10. Protect your bandage

If you want to give your bandage or band-aids an extra waterproof protection and a tight grip; then you can protect it with a condom. Horizontally cut out a large circular strip from the middle portion of the condom. It shall look like a thick band. Now wear it like a band on top of your band-aid. But this hack will work only if you have hurt yourself on the wrist or on foot. 

Image Credit : Cartman TV

So these are some craziest condom hacks that really work. Sometimes condoms can protect your life as well. So don’t be shy if you got only condoms in your pocket instead of proper tool. We can understand your emotions.


Danish Pandita

14 Sep 2017 09:42 PM

This stuff really leaves u crazy but at the same time apprises of its benefits which can prove to be of immense help in future. Thanks Sujata Hansda for that great stuff✌✌

Rex Rakesh Mardi

16 Sep 2017 07:50 AM

It is a really weird life hack!, noboady wants lub on their food,rest are not a bad Idea actually..I dont see any Benefits but ys when you have nothing but condom in your pocket..(Y)

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