10 Crazy and Weird Wedding Dresses Brides actually wore!

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life. And although people tend to go in elegant or simple wedding dresses to marry the love of their life, some women just consider this their one opportunity to be as creative as they can. From edible dresses to crafty material ones, here are 10 crazy dresses that women actually wore to their weddings.

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1. A Balloon Dress

Although it’s sweet that he made her a dress using 600 balloons, but why did it have to be her wedding dress?! This dress was a gift by the groom to his bride who is a balloon artist. He made 2 balloon dresses the other one was a colorful polka dot dress.

2. Breast of luck

I’m certain walking around in this dress must’ve gotten her all the attention she was looking for. No one is saying that wearing a low-cut dress is something wrong, but honestly with this dress she might as well have not worn anything on top.

3. Cupcake vendor

If you’re a chef who wants to make cupcakes for your wedding, do it! If you simply love cupcakes then order some and ask waiters to serve them to your guests. But this, I just don’t understand…

4. Wearing nothing to say ‘I do’

Style is everything, and with sheer you have to be very careful. But this bride thought it would be a good idea to barely wear anything to marry her beau. We’re happy he married her anyway and didn’t end up being a run-away groom.

5. Diva Dress

This bride has so much sass; it had to show in her wedding dress. This absurd dress can hardly be called a wedding dress. It looks like the material used for the veil is way more than that used for the ‘dress’ or should I rightly call it, bustier with skirt.

6. Patriotic bride

This is seriously the height of patriotism. I mean this dress could be used on the 4th of July on top of a flag stand. She looks beautiful but the colors are a bit too much. Just my opinion!

7. Toilet paper Chic

This dress, which looks like art gone wrong and like it’s made out of spare pieces of random white cloths is one of the most horrendous things I’ve ever seen. The poor groom!

8. Casual Wedding

This woman decided wearing clothes is over rated and came in booty shorts for her wedding. Not to mention leaving nothing to the imagination with her top. At least her veil is pretty..

9. The Delicious Dress

This bride too it way too far with this edible dress. The whole skirt is made of cake and covered in white frosting of which she has cut out a piece and is feasting on it. Let’s hope she didn’t fart while wearing the cake!

10. Plumpy Princess

This bride took fairytales too seriously when she put on this gigantic fluffy pink gown, topping it off with a crown and sceptre. Even the groom is struggling to fit in the wedding carriage because of the monstrosity!

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11 Feb 2018 05:08 AM

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