10 Interview Questions That Should Never Be Asked by the Interviewers.

Interview process is conducted by any company or organisation for selecting their staffs. The interviewers or the employers have a face to face questionnaire session with the job seekers. It helps in selecting a right person for the job. It’s a powerful tool to determine candidate’s skill, experience, behaviours, and capabilities if it’s suitable as per the requirement of the company or organisation. 

Employers must know that there are certain limitations in even asking questions to the job seeker. It’s good to know the information about the job seeker but some information are not necessary and may also violate social and legal norms.

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1. Marital Status: “Are You Married?” 

This reveals the marital status of that person. The interviewer might ask how much time the interviewee can devote to the work. This can also reveal the interviewee’s sexual orientation.

2. Pregnancy and Kids related questions

“When are you planning to get pregnant?” or “How many kids do you have?” - These kind of questions are not appropriate to ask to anyone during the interview. This reveals the sexual life of the job seeker. One might want to know one person’s ability to take the work pressure. But these kinds of questions will be received with answers related to personal life only.

3. Religion based questions: What Religious Holidays do you practice? 

Religion related questions are not legal to ask. These disclose the person’s religious background. And hiring or rejecting a person on the basis of religion is a strict no-no. This leads religious discrimination.

4. Are You Comfortable in English?

Interviewers can ask this question like ‘How many languages you are familiar with?’ But asking about one particular language doesn’t signify a person’s language proficiency or work ability.

5. Do You Drink?

Employers must not ask about anybody’s drinking habits. It’s also banned in some places such as; it violates the ‘Americans With Disabilities Act 1990’. If the person is recovering or is under treatment due to alcoholism, it violates his or her fundamental rights and hence it is not necessary to be disclosed.

6. Did You Use Drugs Before? 

It is illegal to ask if anyone was on drugs before. It’s not appropriate to ask the job seeker’s past drug addiction. However the interviewers can ask if the interviewee is currently using any illegal drugs.

7. Are You In Any Sort of Debt?

Employers and interviewers have no rights to ask the interviewee if he or she is under any financial debt. They also must not ask about property owned by the job seeker or any credit or debit history. They have to have permission from the job seeker if they really want to know about the financial background.

8. Do you Have Any Physical or Mental Disabilities? 

Asking a person about his or her physical or mental disabilities is a means to discriminate that person. It also violates Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). The interviewers must prohibit such questions that can harass or discriminate a person.

9. Will You Be / How Often You Will Be Deployed For The Army Training?

“What kind of discharge did you receive in the Military?” “How often are you deployed for the Army Training?” –military status is different. It is a special class or category which is federally protected. Employers must not ask anybody about the service they had or have while serving for the military.

10. How long Have You Been Working? 

The interviewers can ask an interviewee about the time duration of a person in a certain company. But they are not supposed to ask the total duration of work life, because it unveils the interviewee’s age, which is not proper. 


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