10 Most Common Dating Deal Breakers for Women

Women are usually pretty open-minded while dating men, contrary to popular belief. Although they may be some women who have lists and cross of qualities of a potential mate with every person she dates but for the most part women don’t care as long as the guy is sane. BUT… there are a few things that most women will just not stand for and here are a few of them.

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1. Bad hygiene habits

Guys, don’t ever think that a woman is attracted to a man who has a strong ‘manly’ and ‘natural’ utterly disgusting smelling body odor cause it apparently makes him the ideal guy “macho”, girls cannot stand it! Bad breath, dirty fingernails, not showering and bad table manners, like chewing with your mouth wide open, burping and farting loudly and unapologetically are huge deal breakers.

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2. Cheating

For many women infidelity is a serious and obvious deal breaker. If they can’t trust you to stay true to them alone, they will not waste their time with you.

3. Self-obsessed

A guy that cannot stop talking about his self or how he looks or feels or his desires and dreams constantly day and night are a definite deal breaker for women. Women are naturally inclined to men who they know will care for them and if the guy is irrationally narcissistic, she’ll know he isn’t going to be there for her.

4. Anger-prone

Most women have a thresh hold for how much anger they can take from a man. But the line usually stops at a few verbal shouts when he’s angry. A girl will not tolerate you shouting at her almost every day and all times blaming her and verbally abusing her. Don’t even think any guy who physically hurts a girl has any chance of a relationship.

5. Overly protective/jealous

Okay, so girls love when their boyfriends get a little jealous or possessive occasionally, but if men get overly paranoid and are super untrusting of a girl just because she hangs out with guys, that can be a big no no. Being protective and controlling what she wears or who she talks to and other stuff like that is just not something any girl would be cool with.

6. Narrow-minded

Women understand if guys have preferences for things and are not always open to everything. But people who are excessively bigoted or biased and so treat other people as below them; these kinds of men are definitely going to be single forever because no woman will want to date someone who’s that inhumane.

7. Easily distracted

Many women can handle and accept a lot, and even if you check out women once in a while its okay, they’ll be cool with it. But if you are constantly giving bedroom eyes to every single girl that passes you, then something is wrong, and it is just inexcusable.

8. Baggage

Girls can handle small baggage like if you’re upset after losing a family member or annoying siblings, but they can’t handle crazy ass stuff like a stalker ex-girlfriend who threatens to kill you every day or insecurity caused when their girlfriend hangs out with her guy friends because of their divorce or other stuff like that.

9. Too much touching and staring

Many women enjoy the occasional public kiss and ass-grab just as much as a guy, but there is a very strong line here that should not be crossed. If you going to keep kissing her in public and touching her booty or staring at her boobs and ass constantly, she’s not going to take much. If you can’t give her space, she’ll give you some… (I just realized I said ass too much in this blog).

10. Unreliable and irresponsible

Okay we get it that sometimes in life you just cannot handle the stress and you need a few weeks break. But if you have been sitting on your butt for the past 6 months with no job and no aim in life, binge watching TV and eating your feelings then you’ve got to go. Every person has problems and pains, but you can’t sit and moan for like a year and get lazy. Women expect men to be responsible and have goals even if their short term… still something on which a woman can rely.  

Here’s a bonus: A deal breaker for women is addictions- to various stuff like smoking, drinking or drugs or any other thing that you consume an unnatural amount of.


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