10 Times Narendra Modi Proved to be The Style Icon of India

When it comes to style icon we conceptualize a Greek God kind of male figure; six feet tall and wide, with square or rectangular cut face and muscular physique. But ever imagined any politician rather the Prime Minister of a nation can be a style icon? Well the Prime Minister of India breaks all the stereotypes and proves that only looks and physique are not the main criteria of being termed as the style icon.

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His power, his confidence, discipline, oratorical skills and the leadership quality is more than enough to make him the icon of India. And speaking of power he has ranks 9th on the Forbes list of the World’s Most Powerful People.

Speaking of his style, needless to say, he is very actively conscious of how to represent himself in front of the crowd that will be listening to him and keeping an eye of every movement and steps he takes. His style itself speaks in favour of his power and elegance. 

His signature half-sleeve kurtas is now so popular that its dupes are being sold on the market in the name of Modi Kurtas. Most of his kuurtas are known to be designed by Modi ji’s personal tailors. They are Ahmedabad based Jitendra and Bipin Chauhan. And one more thing that’s heard is that his half-sleeve kurtas are inspired by his own choice of design.

Out of his entire lookbook, let’s see 10 times Narendra Modi proved to be the style icon of India: 

1. Beautifully paired the orange Pashmina shawl with his elegant kurta.

2. Grey jacket and pair of black sunglass, giving him an absolute cool look

3. Classic monogrammed suit where the stripes on his suit has actually his full name ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’ imprinted on it.

4. In a playful mood with pistachio green striped T-shirt and an off white trouser. 

5. Glowing with that golden turban 

6. Matka Silk ice-blue vest on top of grey kurta

7. An elegant looking suit on top of strip T-Shirt perfectly matched with black trousers.

8. In a Mongolian robe 

9. On a complete western look, with Texan hat and denims.

10. Shimmery black shawl with his name’s initials on it.


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