10 Weird Makeup Trends of 2017 That Went Viral

Every year the makeup community brings new makeup trends. Some are cool and a must try and some are totally weird that will make you cringe. It’s good to go extra. But some extras are not at all a good idea. This 2017, the internet has already been flooded with makeup lovers, professional beauty bloggers, Instagrammers trying out weird makeup products, weird makeup tools, weird makeup hacks and DIYs and not to mention: weird makeup itself.

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So let’s check out some weird makeup trends of 2017 that went viral:

1. Squiggle Eyebrows

Some people are not happy with their plain looking fine eyebrows. And hence, to spice up, they discovered this squiggle brows. This takes precise skills to make your eyebrows look that wavy. And it’s surely unique, but not something to be put on daily.

2. Squiggle Lip

To match with the weird squiggle eyebrow there is again squiggle lips. That wave-like eerie looking lip trend has taken over the internet. Though it’s fun to try out something new and innovative, but squiggle lip looks weird at the same time. 

3. Pom Pom Makeup

From glitter and paint over the face, now makeup gurus are gluing something unimaginable on their face in the name of ‘makeup’ trend. And that many of you might haven’t imagined of: pom pom makeup! Cute little fluffy balls that have so far been sown in our clothes, hats and purse and jewelleries are now being glued to the face. It might look colourful, but I pray most of the women will stick up to glue it to anything other than face and skin!

4. Glitter Tongue

We got glitter eyebrows, glitter hairs, glitter hairlines, glitter beard since last year. And now? Glitter tongue is becoming a new taste. It’s probably the weirdest thing to ever become a viral trend. Imagine the amount of glitter you will end up swallowing!

5. Feather Brows

By far one of the most bizarre outrageous trends that are all over the internet is the feather eyebrow trend. Well of course the feathery look you can create with your eyebrows is very eye catching. But at the same time it’s not something to become viral.

6. Dragon Brows

Okay, we get it! We can create so many hair pattern trends with eyebrows but making it look dragon like is so other-wordly. The spike like brows that gives a dragon-like vibe will certainly not make you a dragon. And before this trend goes viral, it must stop.

7. Colourful Rainbow Freckles

Fake freckles will definitely look good. But coloured rainbow freckles are just on trend. It can look good on camera with multiple filters and special effects. But in reality it’s surely going to look like paint sprayed all over the face.

8. Black Highlighters

Highlighters are for highlighting faces. It’s illuminating and shimmery. And black highlighter goes exactly the opposite from what the name says. It is good for Halloween but surely not a daily thing to put on!

9. Geode Lip

Geode on your lips: it’s an amazing lip art for sure. Colourful and crystal looking lip that makes an amazing look for photographs. But making a soft lip look crystal hard is an eerie experience.


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