10 best places for Puchkas in Kolkata

Puchka is one of the best evening snacks in Kolkata. It is also very popular in remaining part of India with the different name like Gol Gappa, Panipuri, etc. For Kolkatan it is not just an evening snack, it is an emotion. 

Puchka is really the crunchiest and delicious munching treat to one mouth in every evening in the city of Joy, Kolkata. We Kolkatan take pride in Our Puchkas. The varieties of Kolkata’s Puchkas are best across India. The art of mixing the aloo and tok jol of Bengali Puchkawalas is perfect and best in comparison of other States. Tangy mashed potatoes with tamarind water inside it is truly a delight and perfectly spicy and acidic and One can never miss when in Kolkata

The taste of Kolkata’s Puchka is so Juicy and flavorsome which makes you eat puchkas without thinking of wallet. We collect some best puchka places in Kolkata:

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1. Hindustan Park

One of the Oldest and most popular puchka Stall in the City of Joy, Kolkata. The Chaatwallahs in Hindustan Park is serving puchkas for ages to their Customers. The Customers are satisfied with their flavors and taste.

Location: Chaatwallahs, Hindustan Park, Kolkata

2. Alipore

You can get 17 types of puchkas here. The Owner of this puchkawala uses mineral water to make the water.

Location: Near Woodland High Building and Garden Cafe.

3. Camac Street

Camac Street is the main hub in Kolkata for snacks. Unlimited number of Stalls serving evening snacks. People can release their tiredness with amazing eats from these stalls. 

Location: Vardaan Market, Camac Street, Kolkata

4. Ganesh Talkies Crossing

You can get most hygienic puchkas from this popular Chatwallas. This is one of the most popular chatwallahs in the City of Joy.

Location: Chatwallah, Ganesh Talkies Crossing

5. Salt Lake

There is so many stalls of snacks but one stall near Tower No. 4 serving delicious puchkas. One Can get puchka of own flavor. The man who makes it is just perfect for the taste which is the way you wants the flavors to be and satisfy your taste-buds.

Location: Tower no.4 Crossing, Salt Lake, Kolkata

6. New Market

One of the most crowded areas in the City of Joy, Kolkata is busy every day. Lots of shopping stalls there. With shopping, it is the hub of foodies too. You get to try the true flavors of Puchka there.

Location: New Market, Kolkata

7. Ultadanga Crossing

The puchka Stall at Ultadanga Crossing serving crunchy juicy puchkas from past years. This most popular puchka stall crowded at all times every day.

Location: Near PC Chandra Jewellers, Ultadanga, Kolkata

8. Five Star

This puchka stall serves World Class flavors of Puchka in the most traditional manner as the name Suggested. This is one of the oldest and puchka places in the City of Joy.

Location: Birsulhaat, C.I.T Road, Kolkata

9. Chatwallas

There is a lot of Chatwallas in the city but in Russel street, the heart of the City you get tasteful puchkas as well as chat. 

Location: Russel Street, Kolkata

10. Dharamtala

One of the most popular places in the City of Joy where you can enjoy delicious and tasteful Puchkas. You can get your Puchkas made your own way.

Location: Near New Empire Cinema


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U have missed out some really good puchka walas..... (1) the one who stands outside Waterloo St and Bentinck street crossing.....just outside Kanha ...the snacks and mithai shop. (2) puchkawla behind Stephen house and near Prasun watch co.... Dalhousie.... diagonally opposite lal bazar. (3)....puchkawala outside metro rail bhawan park St.

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