11 Bizarre Questions that people have asked to Google

People are weird and people are stupid, we all know that. But sometimes the stupidity level goes too high. Some people are so technologically dependent that some of them believe they will find the answers to every question on Google. 

People have asked some really stupid questions starting from personal questions to some questions that I don’t understand where it comes into the head. Won’t believe? Here are some evidences: 

1. How would Google help you with what ‘He called you’?

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2. May be you want to assure if you really are an idiot

3. Seriously?

4. But what will Google do with how you spend your time alone?

5. Yeah! Nobody knew she is a girl!

6. Google is not your lover, my dear!

7. So many people have so many doubtrs these days....

8. The What????

9. Hmm!!! A pretty technically serious question indeed!

10. Yes! What are these strawberries doing on your nipples? Even we want to know

11. Even Google will answer: You are stupid!

So these are 11 Bizarre Questions that people have asked to Google. Now hope you think you are smarter than most of the people!



18 Nov 2018 09:22 PM

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