12 Ways to Pamper Yourself After Long Weeks of Only Work.

You are so busy making others happy, thinking about others, giving them time. In fact the college, the office or your workplace can be so hectic at times. Yet you somehow make it through the weekend. But in the midst of all the works, all your important priorities, all the friends, families, teachers or business clients, you forget the most important person: You. Yes You! 

We can understand that your work is important, but what’s more important is to have a self-time, to pamper the inner you; to just sit back, relax and revitalise your body, mind and soul.

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So here are the 12 ways you can pamper yourself after long weeks of only work: 

1. Write Down Diaries or Journals

Take any topic, write about it. Anything that you love or anything that had or still hurts you. Or you can declutter all your misarranged thoughts; pen them down in one place.

2. Plan

Chalk out all your plans and schedule important dates in a diary, journal or planner. This way you can rearrange all your busy schedules and dates into one place.

3. Get a spa done

You can either go to a luxury spa day all alone or with your best friend. Or you can just have a home spa.

4. Hot shower and a bath

Hot shower detoxifies the entire you. It will make you feel; relax. Add well scented bath bombs on to your bath tub and relax for a bit.

5. Do a pedicure and manicure

Now that’s something we completely avoid, because we are too busy in our everyday lives. You can have a pedicure and a manicure done. Because, who doesn’t need a happy feet

6. Read

Engage yourself in reading your favourite kind of novel or magazines. You will never know when time will pass.

7. Do some yoga

Yoga and stretching will help you to relax. Put all your worries aside and do some yoga, meditation, stretching and free hand exercise. It will make you feel calm and balanced.

8. Go for a shopping

Shopping works as an antidote to depression and exhaustion. You’ll have variety of choice while shopping, and that will completely engage you in choosing the right ones for you.

9. Spend time with people you love

That’s one nicest thing to do. Remember, your loved ones are the people who will love you and always there for you no matter what. Instead of focusing on those who hate you, focus on those who love you. Spend time with them and you will definitely feel better.

10. Throw out a party for yourself

Have a complete ‘Me’ party. Order your favourite food; turn on your favourite music or TV shows, and all the good stuffs you like, shut the doors for the public, no trespassers allowed.

11. DIY art and crafts

There are tons of DIY videos on the social media. However, if you have your own knowledge, then go for it. Do the DIYs and bring out your inner creativity.

12. Room decor

Clean your house. Declutter all the unwanted things. Organize stuffs into proper place and keep your room neat and clean. Decorate your room to make a change. It’s so good to spice up your place. 

So these are the 12 ways to pamper yourself after long weeks of only work. Enjoy your life to the fullest because you deserve it and you matter!

10. Floral eyes

Springs and autumns are all about flowers. And makeup trends associated with flowers has been done by makeup artists for long. We have seen floral nail arts that look pretty cute. But ever imagined real flowers glued on to your eyes? Yes! Floral makeup looks actually sticks real tiny flowers and even paints tiny flowers on the eyes. Though a dreamy look, but not practical in day to day real life.



25 Oct 2017 08:06 PM

I will surely revisit this site. I will have some of these over the weekend. Waaaaaah! Exciting!!


25 Oct 2017 08:11 PM

Very great ideas. It is always a must to refresh and sharpen up after a long weekend


26 Oct 2017 01:13 AM

Great post - self care is so important!


26 Oct 2017 02:58 AM

I must admit, my favorite one is throwing a party for myself! this is definitely something I have to do more often! Thank you so much for sharing!

Elise Cohen Ho

26 Oct 2017 04:02 AM

Self care is of the utmost importance. It truly can be as simple as a shower and a nice book or something more extravagant. I am not too keen on a pedicure though. I am way too ticklish for that.


26 Oct 2017 11:10 AM

Lovely article.In this mad rush we forget ourselves!!


27 Oct 2017 12:32 PM

Great advice and tips! I'll be sure to use them whenever I need to pamper myself :)

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