14 Reasons Why No One Would Want To Leave The City Of Joy, Kolkata

Kolkata is also known as The City of Joy, and probably that’s the supreme reason why people have nurtured a soft-corner for the city. From affordable mode of living to pocket-friendly expenses, all sets a perfect ambiance for dwelling in the joyous city. 

Kolkata is known for being the most active and efficacious in terms of upholding and preserving its culture, tradition, literary and artistic heritage. It is the cultural hub of West Bengal; also it won’t be wrong if you say Kolkata is popular in the entire nation due to its strong participation in music, art, culture, cuisines, sports and all the good activities that keep one’s heart and soul alive despite of having busy days at work. No doubt it’s the “cultural [or literary] capital of India”.

No one can beat the addas i.e the leisurely chats harmonized with exquisite mouth-watering Bengali cuisines!  And not to mention the festivals, specially the most famous Durga Puja, Laxmi Puja, Saraswati Puja, Eid, Diwali, Christmas and so on are always holds the eye-catching events, something never to be missed. 
There are loads of other things that Kolkata offers which casts a spell on us so much that we in turn never want to leave the City of Joy.

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So let’s check out some of the reasons why no one would want to leave The City of Joy, Kolkata

1. The Bangla Band Bash!

Now that’s something unique about Kolkata! The place is undoubtedly the hub of music. From classical to folk to ‘Bangla Band’, Kolkata sings to all. And college festivals and Puja occasions are the perfect time to experience these live!

2. Durga Puja Celebration aka DP Fashion

From “Maa asche” to “Asche bochor abar hobe” Durga Puja is the entire period of sanctity as well as an ultimate celebration. It becomes a 24*7 carnival with people wearing the most fashionable outfits; be it traditional, western, ethnic or mix and match! After all the selfies need to be on the point, isn’t’ it?

3. ‘Khabar-dabar’ r Pet Pujo

Kolkata is very serious about foods and cuisines. She makes sure her people are not devoid of delicious foods. That’s why from the early morning to midnight one can find street foods to restaurants open for the residents and visitors. And the best thing about our food: Street foods and lots of adda to spice up the day!

4. Pocket-friendly shopping with lots of bargaining

Kolkata offers you many street side shops which are not only low-priced but are durable as well. Not only fashionable clothing and accessories but also home decors, electronic goods and other products, everything is available at affordable prices. Plus, it allows you to bargain! What else do you need?

5. Jadavpur University and its popularity

Jadavpur University (JU) is a public state university and is extremely popular for its wide range of educational perspective and active participation in politics, social affairs and entertainment.

6. Tram ride

Tram ride gives that old-age feeling. Whenever you see a tram you will immediately have that historical vibe attached to it. The slow but proper vehicle it is for transport and frequent sightseeing. Tram ride is definitely a star attraction and once you ride it, you cannot forget the taste of it. It will leave you nostalgic.

7. The Busy Coffee house

Some places have that special appeal that will leave a spell on you and you’ll love it forever. Every long queue is worth the excuse to have a seat and have coffee, sandwiches coupled with pakoras, kabirajis or cutlets. We have the ‘addas’ to spice up the entire time spent there. Manna Dey’s “Coffee House er sei adda ta aaj aar nei” is appropriately relatable especially when we do leave the city.

8. The Eternal Romance in Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial, a large marble palace built up in memory of Queen Victoria, is one of the perfect places for couples. Romance is all over the place. Furthermore, the greeneries, gardens, fountains and pathways set a romantic vibe for all those who visit the place.

9. You Can Get Any Book in College Street

Do I need to remind you of the record breaking facts that the College Street is the ‘largest book market in India’ and the ‘largest second-hand book market in the world’? Yes, you heard it right! It’s the largest hub for book lovers. And you can get all sorts of books in attractive discounts. Second hand books or old books are also available here. Be a book lover or not, you are sure to get amazed to see the number of people visits there.

10. South City Mall: A perfect hangout for all

In Kolkata, shopping malls has duo functionality. Firstly, it serves as a nerve centre for shopping and Secondly and most importantly it offers the perfect hangout place for everyone. Whether you come with enough money or not, in South City Mall and other malls, you will get a huge air conditioned space to roam around, glare at the new arrivals, have a seat inside in case your leg hurts and take loads of selfies. Plus, you are provided with good lighting system as well.

11. Kolkata has kept Rabindranath Tagore alive

Words will fall short to describe the importance and value of Rabindranath Tagore. Rabindranath Tagore is the father figure of not only the Bengalis but also of the nation. His contribution, starting from stories, music, songs, novels and other literary works, Rabindranath Tagore is everywhere in Bengalis life.  And Kolkata has immense respect for Rabindranath Tagore.

12. Kolkata has immense craze for Football

When the question comes of football, the first image we get is of Kolkata. Kolkata has nurtured and procreated all the football buffs and battlers. In each and every ‘paara’ (society), ‘goli’(lanes) and on any any ‘maathe-ghaate’ (fields) you will find boys and even girls playing football.  East Bengal and Mohun Bagan are the top names to hit our mind. And FIFA U-17 is chose Kolkata (Salt Lake City) for the gameplay. Do we need to speak more of it?

13. Ilish Maach er swad

Fish is the main dish in Bengali’s food cycle. At every home there are fish lovers and every home makes fish dishes. Even on small eateries to big restaurants you will be served fish dishes and prawns and Ilish are the two main Bengali dishes that you will get for sure. Kolkata has immense love for both the Chingri Mach and Ilish Mach!

14. Park Street

The party hub of Kolkata: Park Street is what comes to our mind when the winter season sets in. Varieties of foods are then sold on the streets and restaurants. Bars and pubs are open till midnight. The more the night sets in, the more the place becomes crowded with people, wearing Christmas Caps, fancy bands with LED lights matching themselves with the most decorative lighting arrangements done all over the streets. You must be knowing by now why Kolkata is known as the “City of Furious, Creative Energy”.


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