20 Every Day English Words That You Are Pronouncing It Wrong

“Do you know what a foreign accent is? It’s a sign of bravery” [Amy Chua]. Well we all have to deal with languages every single day. Learning a language, learning the actual accent of that language is not a cup of tea. It takes time to actually learn a language with its proper accent. English is a language widely spoken by people almost all over the world. In some countries it’s the official language and even the second spoken language. India comprises of most of the English speaking communities as it is the official language of India. Though we might have some pronunciation issues but that’s absolutely alright. Mistakes do happen! And mistakes can be mended. There are many day to day common English words that we use it in our speeches almost every day, but somehow we mispronounce it and it gets ‘Indianised’ as we continue pronouncing that way.  

So let’s have a fair tutorial type discussion on 20 everyday English words that’s been mispronounced.

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1. Pronunciation

Let’s start with the first word, which it itself: ‘Pronunciation’ and that’s mispronounced by many. Incorrect: pro-noun-cia-shun;  Correct: pro-nun-cia-shun

2. Entrepreneur

So an entrepreneur is the one who sets up his or her own business or businesses, taking financial risks. Incorrect: en-tray-pren-yur; Correct: on-truh-pren-yur

3. Subtract

Subtract is to deduct. Incorrect: sub-stract; Correct: sub-tract

4. Dengue

Dengue is mosquito borne tropical-disease. Incorrect: den-gyoo/ den-goo; Correct: den-gee

5. Coupon

It’s kind of a voucher which holds discounts and offers on particular product(s). Incorrect: Koo-pun; Correct: Koo-pawn.

6. Marijuana

Smokers are very well familiar with it. It’s cannabis which is often taken as smokes. Incorrect: mary-joo-anna; Correct: mar-uh-wah-nuh.

7. Restaurant

It’s where people go and sit and eat meals. Incorrect: res-trawnt, Correct: res-tuh-rawnt.

8. Engineer

It’s often pronounced as ‘in-jee-neer’ whereas it’s actual pronunciation is ‘en-juh-near’

9. Hierarchy

Ranking of members of society or organization on the basis of relative status or authority. Incorrect: Hi-ar-ky; Correct: Hi-er-ar-ky.

10. Often

Often we mispronounce the word often. It’s pronounced off-en, not: of-ten

11. Lingerie

Women’s innerwear or nightclothes, i.e. lingerie is often mispronounced as ‘lin-guh-ree’, but the actual pronunciation is ‘lawn-zuh-ray’

12. Pizza

We all love pizza, but do we say it correct? We often say ‘pi-za’ but it’s gotta be ‘peet-za’

13. Wednesday

Now who would love to utter such a long and boring ‘Wednesday’? But we actually elongate the pronunciation as ‘Wed-ness-day’ whereas ‘wenz-day’ is the correct pronounced.

14. Video

Okay, so you must be saying ‘wee-diyo’, but it’s ‘vid-i-yoh’

15. Data

Many of us say ‘daat-taa’, it’s ‘day-taa’

16. Genre

It means a style or category of music, literature or art. Most of us mistakenly utter ‘jen-ner’, the correct pronunciation is ‘zhon-ruh’

17. Mojito

Mojito is a cocktail prepared with white rum, sugar, mint, lime or lemon juice, carbonated soda or water. And it’s ‘moh-hee-toh’ not ‘mojee-toh’

18. Tomb

Basically a tomb is an enclosure, or a large vault or a monument built to bury corpse. The spelling makes it pronounce like ‘taw-mb’ but it actually pronounced ‘toom(b)’

19. Bowl

Don’t say ‘Ba-ohl’, say ‘bohl’

20. Debris

Broken pieces of rocks and minerals are called debris. Also the rubbish scattered on the floor can be termed debris. But what exactly it’s pronounced? Well call it ‘de-bree’ not ‘debriss'



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