20 Things You Should Definitely Be Doing During this Durga Puja

Durga Puja celebration is the amalgamation of almost all the jolly activities that’s executed with or without planning. The end motto: It has to be fun! The festive bell rings weeks before Mahalaya comes. And ever since then, all the planning starts like a 7 day mission to be accomplished with full on vigour. 

There are loads of ‘To-Do’ things that might come to the brain cells before the Puja, but ultimately it becomes a hotchpotch!  So be a Bengali or not, if you want to experience the grand festival, then here are 20 things you should definitely be doing during the Durga Puja:

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1. Start with the Countdown

Yeah, that’s what most of us do: Start the countdown. It acts like a reminder of how close we are getting for the Puja. The countdown for Puja is more powerful than any Reminder Apps installed on your phone. The circulation of “Pujor aar matro – din baki” is enough to keep you updated and excited all throughout the Puja!

2. Unlimited Shopping

Of course shopping has to be on the list! Starting from street shopping to big malls, stalls and brands are endless to choose from. Big shopping malls in Kolkata always welcome you for a relaxed shopping experience. However, the road side stalls not only sell pocket friendly clothing and accessories but they are durable as well. Also, you can have a decent bargain! 

3. Pandal hopping

Eye-catching pandals, ornamented with different decorative items to match with the theme of the Puja and bright colourful lights running in rhythms, just makes the pandals come alive. Long queues are worth standing just to have that experience of entering into a whole new planet. And lucky you are if you could be able to grab yourself some VIP passes. Pandal hopping with friends and family is what we all want and it’s a ‘must do’ activity!

4. Reunite with Friends and Family

It’s the best opportunity to get all your friends, family members and relatives in town. Meet them, greet them and have loads of treat with them.  A good way to enjoy the Puja for sure.

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5. Enjoy the Best of Foods

Pujo and Pet-Pujo both go synchronously. Durga Puja is the occasion of fun, festivities, fashion and no doubt: Food! Choices are unending. You can devour street side foods, which will be no doubt having long queues but still worth the taste! Or if you want a bit out of the hustle bustle place, you can hop into any restaurant. They’ll be open till midnight.

6. Dress up Traditionally 

It’s the only opportunity to try something traditional besides wearing western, casuals and formals unlike every day. Go traditional on this Puja or at least wear one day. Sarees, salwar suits, trendy lehengas, kurtis and Punjabis or sherwanis will add extra glamour on your look and you will be amazed to see how gorgeous or handsome you are.

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7. Bonedi Bari Pujo

Bonedi Bari Pujo – in case you don’t know, are the heritage mansions of aristocrats and zamindars those who are residing in Kolkata for centuries. Most of the homes are ancient and the tradition of Durga Puja celebration has been performed since ages there. You will find the touch of old traditions and a sense of family-hood. 

8. Endless Adda

Now that’s something we all crave for; leisurely conversations: i.e. adda! Bengalis are always good at endless adda. Gang up with your friends, grab some foods and indulge yourself in some relaxed conversations. Or just go pandal hopping and have some loud addas throughout the pandal journeys. 

9. Pujo-er Bhog 

No matter where you go and satisfy your hungry stomach, Pujo Bhog is a must to try out if you haven’t ever tried yet. It’s very delicious and one can stand in long queues to have a plate of Bhog. Not only it’s tasty, but it’s made with fondness and care for all the people visiting the Puja pandals. ‘Pujo-er Bhog’ is also considered as the blessings of Maa Durga.

10. Party all night 

If you are not a pandal hopper then you can tire your legs out on the dance floors. There will be plenty of bars, nightclub and pubs open. Puja always fetch a party fever. And that’s undoubtedly the most hot and happening party season one can ever have.

11. Spend romantic times

Romance and private times are what some people want during the Puja. A bit away from all the 24*7 hustle-bustle and noises. Well, you can enjoy your Puja on amusement parks, gardens or on roof-top restaurants. Won’t that be beautiful to sit back, sip a glass of wine and see the Puja crowds and lights and colours everywhere from above? 

12. Makeup and extras

Pujas are always about something extra. Extra foods, extra fun and extra makeup or shall we say extra ‘saju-guju’. Give your skin that luminous glow with highlighters, slay the Puja days with everyday new shades and new looks. Grab the attention of the crowd with your confidence, because why not! You deserve it

13. Phone filled with Selfies

Now this is something that you just can’t escape! Your phone must have thousands of selfies. And you will get tons of options to grab new ideas of selfies. Every day new pandals, new clothes, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, family and that random stranger who will photobomb you!

14. Experience the Cultural events 

You also have the option and opportunity to be a part of cultural festival. Almost at every ‘para’ i.e. the localities or society you will be having the ‘sangaskritik anushthan’ or the cultural programmes. Folklores, folkdances, drama, cultural dance, poetry (abriti) and loads more to see and re-awaken the love for culture in you.

15. Dhak er taal

Forget hip-hops and world famous drummers, nothing can beat our dhaakis. The beats and rhythms of the dhaak will definitely give you the urge to dance and a strong vibe of power and devotion. In every corner you will be listening to the dhaaks that will leave you irresistible to dance in the dhaak-er-taal.

16. Dhunuchi naach 

Nothing is more attractive than the Dhunuchi dance of the Bengalis during the Puja. The dhunuchi dance becomes highly revamped with the beats of dhaak and crowds applauding to the beat, encouraging the people taking part in the Dhunuchi naach (Dhunuchi dance). There goes competition for Dhunuchi naach as well. Either check those out or give it a try, or go for both!

17. Night Outs 

It’s almost a Ten-day and night out experience for all. Be it midnight 2 Am or 3 am you will find millions of people on street, doing pandal hopping or blessing their hungry stomach with foods and beverages. It’s like a 24*7 night out plan for the families or even individuals. You will find cabs and vehicles and there are police protections everywhere. So no need to worry. The entire city will become night owls and enjoy the Puja celebration.

18. The colourful Sindoor Khela 

The colourful sindoor khela by mostly married women is a beautiful thing to watch. Just don’t miss out the bright moments on the very day of sindoor khela. An auspicious and indeed a fun thing to watch and participate

19. Bijaya Dashami

On the Bijaya Dashami, people greet one another ‘Subho Bijaya’ and exchange sweets. It’s a day of calm happiness summed up with a little bit of sadness as the days of fun is going to be end and Maa Durga is going to bid us a goodbye. Greet your friends ‘Subho Bijaya’ on this auspicious day and wish them happiness.

20) The Bisarjan

Bisarjan, i.e the idol immersion in the Holy River is something you can’t and shall not miss at all. Even if you haven’t seen much idols this Puja, then you will get to see all in the ghats of Bengal. Numerous trucks and vehicles to carry idols of the respective places and people gather on the ghats for bidding a farewell to the idol. 

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The entire place is crowded with balloons, foods, dhaakis, viewers, Medias and police with all having one thing on mind, “Asche Bochor Abar hobe” 



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