5 Bookstores you Must visit in Kolkata.

Kolkata is the paradise for you to be in if you are hunting for bookstores that hoards all your favorites- from timeless classic to the topical best-sellers in the market. College street or famously known as ‘boi-para’ is definitely a go to place for all book worms but there are other places full of possibilities right in the heart of the city.

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1. College Street (book-alley)

We have already established that this is a paradise for all book-lovers in the city. This is not exactly a book store but you have a lot of small book stores lined up on either sides of the street. There is absolutely nothing you can’t find in this magical land of books! If you are lucky, you can also land up with a rare book for all you know. Small to big – all kinds of stores are present, each filled with all kinds of books for everyone and it is not even heavy on your pocket!

2. Oxford Book Store

Oxford has become a favorite for most of the book lovers in the city because of its warm and cozy interiors and the piping hot coffee you can sip while reading your favorite book. It is to be found right in the heart of Park Street. One of the best things about this bookstore is its organized shelves which cater to fiction, non-fiction, classics, best-sellers separately. Make sure you visit this bookstore during its annual sale time, when you can easily get up to 80% discount on your purchases.

3. Crossword Kolkata

Crossword Kolkata has a lavish and royal feel to it to the core. This store is mostly famous for its incredible collection of books and various book launches it hosts. They have a coffee shop bordering to the bookstore which allows you to have hot sips of coffee while you are wrapped up reading your favorite book. They have a assortment of books from which you can surf at your heart’s choice. They too have yearly sales which you definitely should not miss!

4. Ananda Publishers

One of the best things about Ananda Publishers is that they are book sellers as well as publishers. They have a whole lot of Bengali books, which are regarded as THE best in the city. Many well-known writers of Kolkata have embarked upon their careers from Ananda Publishers. The store might be a little small, but never judge a book by its cover! You might just find a few hidden gems in the store if you love Bangla.

5. Chakraborty and Chatterjee

This one of the oldest bookstores in the Calcuttan streets. The Britishers had distorted its name to Chuckervertty and Chatterjee to suit their pronunciation. This store right in the middle of College Street is, without any doubt, one of the major attractions in Kolkata where you can find a diverse collection of books. Language, Genre, Kind- this bookstore transcends all.


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