5 Delightful Snowman Desert recipes for Christmas 2017

As the snowy season begins, delicious treats to match the weather are in order. And if you are from a country in which it doesn’t snow during the Christmas season, here’s are a few ways to make up for it. I found these adorable snowmen treats that will be perfect for holiday parties and gifting during these holidays. So get ready to saw aww…

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1. Snowman Ice-cream Shot

These cute snowmen will surely be a hit if you have kids. And to make them is not hard at all! To make the earth beneath you have to microwave and mix condensed milk and chocolate and place them at the bottom of the shot glass. Then place a large scoop of vanilla ice-cream carefully above the chocolate fudge. Place a smaller scoop for the head of the snowman on top of the larger scoop. Place chocolate chips for eyes and a tiny triangular piece of carrot for the nose, and your ice cream snowman is ready! Refrigerate for an hour after making it to let it set.

2. Snowman Cupcakes

These awesome treats are made very simply and they make fantastic kiddie desserts! Using a regular baked vanilla cupcake you will need to cover with thick vanilla frosting and then cover with sugar. For the head you can use a donut holes or cake pops covered with powdered sugar, or even powdered donuts. For scarves you can use food colors to dye your vanilla frosting any color you want and then pipe it on top of the body forming a bump of frosting on the body layer of the snowman. Then when you put the head on and push down carefully, it automatically forms a scarf around the head.  Then you make the face with tiny chocolate sprinkles and an orange candy or carrot piece for the nose, stick on some colorful round candies for buttons, sprinkle a little castor sugar on the top as fresh falling snow, and your snowman cupcake is done!

3. Popcorn Snowman

This innovative snack is easy to make and fun to eat! First you make popcorn without any flavoring, plain. Then you have to melt marshmallows with butter on the stove until it is a completely melty and thick fluid. After letting it cool mix the popcorn together with the melted marshmallows and created popcorn balls. For each snowman you will need 3 balls, 2 small for the head and torso and a larger one for the bottom. Place them one on top of the other carefully and while the mix is still sticky. After this you simply have to place raisins for eyes and a candy corn or piece of carrot for the nose and for a scarf use a piece of ribbon. The yummy popcorn snowmen are done!  You can do the same thing using rise Krispie treats!

4. Snowman Cake Pops

These cute and scrumptious pops are to die for! And creating them is not hard at all. Firstly you can bake a yummy chocolate cake and break it up into little pieces and then crush them into crumbs. After this you must incorporate chocolate frosting into the cake, a little at a time, until it becomes a soft dough-like, smooth texture. Then you have to form them into little balls and cover them in melted white chocolate, covering them completely. Now you can add one side of an Oreo biscuit as the brim of the hat and a mini marshmallow as the hat part. Decorate the face with mini sprinkles and chocolate chips, an orange nose and your snowman cake pops are done!

5. Melty Marshmallow Snowman in Hot Chocolate

You can enliven your Christmas hot chocolate drink with this absolutely darling marshmallow snowman. It is made simply by pushing 2 pretzels each inside 2 marshmallows for legs and hands and placing it on top of the hot chocolate. After this you push a candy corn or carrot piece inside the head marshmallow and pipe with chocolate a relaxed snowman face ad buttons on bottom two marshmallows. And that is how you make a cute snowman to melt into your hot chocolate. 


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So creative! Will definitely try them out 😍

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