5 Drinking Android Games to Play When You Are Drunk

We all have played drunken party games and stuffs and probably we don’t even remember how we had enjoyed it. However, with the fostering of technologies we now have all types of games for our smartphones. Not to mention, we also got Drinking games on Android. Simply download it and start playing these amazing games when you are tipsy!

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So here are 5 Drinking Android games to play when you are drunk:

1. Game of Shots

Here one will find games with cards, dices and many other types to play with. Each game comes with instructions and has fairly modern design. And the best part is:  the app is free. A perfect game to take you higher when you are high.

2. Kings (Drinking Game) 

You don’t need a pack of cards if you install this game. You can play this with unlimited players. The rules can be edited and customized. It has games like Circle of Death, Ring of Fire, King’s Cup.

3. iPuke

It’s an epic drinking game. It’s more like a truth or dare game. Each card comes with two challenges: one dare and a specified amount of shots to drink. One has to complete at least one task. And both the task is worth points. The first player to reach the target points is the winner.

4. Picolo drinking game

Like the description says, “As a group or one by one, answer the  questions and follow the instructions, no matter how crazy they get! A fun app that comes with you on your night out. Good times and hysterical laughter guaranteed!” you can pretty well guess how fun would it be to play this game. The game is very popular and is not completely free.

5. Drink: Drinking Game 

Drink: Drinking Game is most extensive party game which guarantees your tipsy night to be more grateful.  And to add to your entertainment, there are drinking games, mini games, fun activities, quiz games, tug-of-war and more to entertain you.



18 Sep 2017 12:46 PM

sounds fun! these games would be a great addition to any party!!!


19 Sep 2017 01:21 AM

Puke sounds like a real crowd pleaser.


20 Sep 2017 09:02 AM

Seems a whole lot of fun for people who drink :P

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