5 Famous Ghats of Kolkata That You Must Visit If You Haven’t Visited Yet.

The City of Joy, Kolkata holds many cultures and colours under one roof. Each and every corner still retains the hint of history to look back and recall. It has its bright culture to cherish, tradition to preserve, festivals to celebrate and magnificent heritage to be proud of. 

Hooghly River is the prime nature’s gift that’s being flowing through the heart of Kolkata. And the City has grown up rapidly within a short span of time having the river as its backbone. 

The Ghats of Kolkata is no exception. It has flourished within a short span. And each of the Ghats of this Rivers has age-old history associated with it, that’s been faded away by the new things springing up as the days go by. 

So let’s go through the 5 Famous Ghats of Kolkata.

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1. Prinsep Ghat 

Built in 1841, Prinsep Ghat is one of the oldest recreational spots in Kolkata. It was used for embarkation and disembarkation by the royal British entourages. Now, it’s totally renovated and beautified into an eye-catching tourist attraction. One of the songs of the popular Bollywood film Parineeta was shot here. There are beautiful landscaped gardens well maintained greeneries, seating arrangement for visitors and much more, making the area a perfect place for romance or evening hangout!

2. Babughat (Babooghat) 

Babughat is named after Babu Raj Chandra Das. In 1830, it was built in memory of Babu Raj Chandra Das, husband of Rani Rashmoni and zamindar of Janbazar. It holds the honour of becoming the second oldest Ghats of Kolkata. The place has become busy with everyday crowds, tourists, visitors, vendors and priests. The Ghat remains extremely crowded during the festivals especially during the Chhat Puja and also during Surga Puja and Saraswati Puja for the immersion of idols.

3. Armeninan Ghat 

Armenian Ghat is one of the reminiscent of the colonial era in India. It was built by Manvel Hazaar Maliyan, who was Armenian by origin. It was built for trading purpose, for shipment of goods from foreign shores. The elgant ferry ghat has now many gymnasts and athletes doing their morning walk and open air exercises.

4. Outram Ghat

This Ghat was built during the colonial era in late nineteenth century as a key port for many foreign cargo vessels. It was built by the British authorities in memory of Sir James Outram. It is located between Howrah Bridge and Babughat. Nowadays, it’s used for performing several rituals, like holy bath, birth and death rituals, idol immersions and much more. One can also visit Outram Ghat for a casual time pass.

5. Chandpal Ghat 

Chandpal Ghat is another popular Ghat in Kolkata. It’s been the busiest ferry for a long time. The Ghat took its name from a native shopkeeper Chandranath Pal or Chand Pal who used to sell its petty merchandise beside the Ghat. Lord Cornwallis, the First Governor General who landed on Chandpal Ghat on 12th of September 1786. The Chandpal ghat is still well-known and attracts people from all over the city.



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