5 Places in India That Are Banned For Indians

In many places, many nations, foreigners are banned from entering. That’s quite understandable. But you will be surprised to know, that in India there are places that do ban their fellow Indians to enter. In fact most of the places have Indian owners who strictly put a no restriction for their own countrymen. It’s pretty hard to believe but it’s true.

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So here are 5 places in India that are banned for Indians

1. Free Kasol Cafe, Kasol

This place is in Himachal Pradesh. This place is a hangout zone where foreigners go for a chill-out. But strangely an Indian woman was restricted entry by the owner while welcoming the Israelis.

2. Beaches in Goa that are for “Foreigners Only” 

There are some well known beaches in Goa that are strictly for foreigners. Indians are not allowed there; supposedly because they are “saving beachwear-clad foreign guests from lusty gazes”.

3. A particular lodge in Chennai

There is a certain lodge in Chennai that only serves customers holding a foreign passport. There is a story of Deccan Herald, where it states that the lodge is very strict by its rules and will not allow any Indian customers. The lodge has been given the pseudonym of ‘Highlands’.

4. Uno-In Hotel, Bangalore 

The Uno-In hotel was set up in association with the Nippon Infrastructure company in Bangalore in 2012. It was set up to cater the corporate Japanese population. But the hotel was shut down by the Greater Bangalore City Corporation after a number of incidents took place on grounds of racial discrimination.

5. “Foreigners Only” Beach in Pondicherry

In Puducherry there are some beaches, restaurants and shacks that are restricted only for foreigners. Pondicherry is one of the famous coastal gateways of India. Yet it holds some racial taboos.



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