5 Popular Themed Restaurants in Kolkata

One just not simply calls Kolkata as the City of Joy. Conquered by foodies, Bengalis can be seen lurking around eateries, food stalls and restaurants, enjoying the best of their lives. Every day you will find some new restaurants sprung up in any corner of the street.

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The themed restaurants are innovative concepts that set a different environment while you are enjoying your restaurant meal. Kolkata is also coming up with various tempting themed restaurants, the decor of which is fun to watch and meals worth enjoying.

Let’s see 5 best themed restaurants in Kolkata

1. Machaan

Location: Mani Square Mall and also in Avani Riverside Mall, Shibpur. 

The place is themed around ‘machaan’. It’s a jungle themed restaurant that will give you the vibe of sitting in a dark jungle, with artificial trees spreading their branches, wild toy animals lurking around with dimmed lights and jungle sound effects. Devour into some delicious meals with a vibe of jungle.

2. Fly Kouzina

If you want to have a feeling of eating in a flight, then Fly Kouzina is the right place for you. When you enter the restaurant, you will feel like you are inside a flight. From the menu’s template to the walls and windows, all are themed like airplanes. The place serves wonderful vegetarian dishes.

3. Kaidi Kitchen

It has two outlets: one in Camac Street area and the other in Mani Square Mall. 

As the name suggests, it is decorated like a prison. The servers are also dressed like jailors. You would definitely don’t want to be in a real prison. However if you had ever secretly wished to have a visit to the prison cell, then you can hop into Kaidi Kitchen.

4. Santa’s Fantasea

It has three outlets, in Golpark, in salt Lake Sector 1 and in Salt Lake Sector 5.

Santa’s Fantasea is a dual themed restaurant. One part is ocean themed, all painted in blue with oceanic animals painted all over the wall which gives you a vibe of having meals under water. And the second theme is the tribal theme. This restaurant is very much popular for its theme and foods. Foods served here are sea foods and tribal foods of India. The dishes are extremely unique and tasty. A must try for all.

5. Oudh 1590

The place is filled with an ambiance of exotic Mughal empirical feeling, much like Lucknow style. The restaurant has wooden decors with deemed lights and old Mughal paintings. The servers and waiters are dressed in Pathani or Mughal styled kurtas. The staffs are very courteous as well. Its favourite food destination for people and what attracts them are the Mughal dishes, elegant decors and courteous staffs. 

Its located in Deshapriya Park, Salt Lake Secor 1 and also in Southern Avenue.



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