5 Secret Places on Earth That You Don’t Know Exist

People who love to travel might be wandering that they can go each and every corners of the world. But there are some places in the world which has been kept secret and is totally out of reach from the common people. Those have restricted entries. 

So here are 5 secret places on earth that you don’t know exist

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1. Queen Elizabeth’s Bedroom

Buckingham Palace is no doubt why people visit the United Kingdom. It’s spectacular from outside. But hardly a few knows about The Queen’s bedroom. Even not all the staffs know where her bedroom is. Public will never get to see the King and Queen’s private quarters. She lives in many suites on the East Wing of Buckingham Palace. In 1982 Michael Fagan broke into the Queen’s bedroom. He described “It was a double bed [...] she was sleeping in there on her own”.

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2. Iron Mountain 

Iron Mountain is World’s official Archive. It contains some of the most priceless treasures of the world. It requires travelling about 22 stories beneath the surface to go deep into the mine. Databases of Fortune 500 companies and major banks are stored here. It also contains 27 million original negatives of world’s famous photos. It is said that it can survive terrorist attacks and nuclear attacks and the place can last over 5,000 years. It is one of the most secret places on Earth.

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3. Varosha 

Varosha is located in the southern quarter of the Cypriot city of Famagusta. It is an abandoned city as it’s known to be a ‘ghost town’. Varosha used to be inhabited by more than 40,000 people. But during the Turkish invasion in 1974, the inhabitants of Varosha fled.  The Turkish took over Varosha but the town is still abandoned. Apart from the Turkish military and the United Nations’ staff, no one can step foot inside.

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4. North Sentinel Island 

It is one of the Andaman Islands in Bay of Bengal. The forest of the island covers almost all this top secret island. The Sentilese are the indigenous islanders and they are not at all friendly to outsiders. They isolate themselves from the outsiders for more than 60,000 years. They are totally unaffected by modern civilization. They attack the outsiders with spears and arrows. It is illegal to go within 3 miles and it’s been declared exclusion by the Indian government.

5. Coca-Cola Museum – Coca – Cola’s Secret Recipe

Almost all have drunk Coke once in their lifetime. On 2011, study shows that it was “The World’s Most Valuable Brand”. But the original recipe behind this addictively tasty beverage is still a secret and hardly a few knows it. In 1886, the formula of Coca-Cola was only shared by small group by its inventor. It was written down by Asa Candler’s son and the formula is kept vaulted in a box. The secret recipe is inside the vault and is on display. However the public can view only the black box and not the original recipe. 

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So there are 5 secret places on Earth that you don’t know exist. You can only read them on the internet and can visits’ them in dreams.


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