5 Situations Where Men and Women See the Same Things About a Woman differently

It’s a popularly known fact that men and women don’t see things the same way. Whereas men can’t say much about a woman’s appearance, women have a lot to say. A girl and a guy will both be looking at the same girl, but what they see are highly distinctive.

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1. Faultless Figure

The complete figure of a woman is appreciated by both males and females. But in different ways. Men look at the whole silhouette of a woman, whereas women can’t look at another woman’s body without feeling self conscious. 

What men see: Cute. Sexy legs... Definitely shorter than me, so we’re good to go!  

What women see: Awesome hair, cute shorts. She’s so fit, I should really start working out…

2. What Women Wear

Guys appreciate the body, women the clothes. Women will remember the fashion icon who wore exactly the same jacket or how expensive those booty shorts are in Forever 21. Men will only see a beautiful confident girl who is hot as hell. 

What men see: Booty! Sexy. What’s her number?

What women see: Kinda untidy hair. Still, she’s so confident. Those booty shorts tho! Awesome jacket!

3. Presentation Pretty

The outward demeanor of a woman is definitely seen differently by men and a woman. Men are always appreciative of a woman’s voluptuous physique, women can be a little critical, but they are almost always right!      

What men see: Blonde bombshell! Sweet smile. Great thighs!   

What women see: Fat thighs. Cute boots!

4. Dauntless Dames

Women who are carefree and behave like wild kitties are seen as something reckless and irresponsible in other women’s eyes. Men on the other hand see these kinds of women as fun and adventurous.   

What men see: Wow! They look like they could be thrilling to hang with.  

What women see: They may be pretty but I’m sure they’ve made some mistakes in their lives.

5. Makeup Maids

Men and women think and see makeup so differently its startling! Men are not fans of makeup, they think it take takes away from a girl’s natural beauty and it’s a waste of time and money. Women on the other hand think make up highlights their natural features and makes them feel pretty. 

What men see: Beautiful girl, but why so much of that nonsense on her face? 

What women see: Superb highlighter! Sexy lipstick. Eyebrows on fleek.



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