5 Things Everyday Objects Have Been Hiding From You.

We use the normal everyday objects in our lives without thinking twice about it and the grooves and marks that appear on their surfaces. Little did we know just how much we were missing…

1. Most dashboard meters have a tiny arrow right beside the fuel symbol to symbolize which side of the car the fuel tank is, in case the driver is not aware of it.    

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2. Did you know that the cover of this ballpoint pen has a hole made in it, purposefully,  so that if any one swallows it by mistake, they have a possibility of breathing.

3. Ever wonder what the purpose of that hole at the end of your saucepan handle is for? Well it’s made to hold your wooden spoon if you need to work on something else while making your yummy sauce.

4. Do you ever ask yourself why there are thin line bumps only on the F and J keys of your laptop or computer keyboard? There is a reason for this. It is meant to indicate where both your index fingers are to be placed in 10-finger typing.

5. The holes on the side of your Converse All Stars actually have a purpose. They were made for proper shoe ventilation, so that you shoes don’t stay stinky. But there are other people who think that Converse was originally made for basketball players so they believe those additional holes are created to tie the shoe tighter on the foot.



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