5 Ways to Make Small Talk Less Painful

Small talk can be the most uncomfortable and awkward thing most every person has to deal with almost every day. Small talk is defined as the banal and uninvolved exchange of trivial information according to Psychology Today. Although it may seem small talk is unnecessary, studies show that small talk is actually important, it’s the glue that can bring closer two estranged persons. Let’s face it though; small talk is not an easy task. Here are a few tips that can help you have some kickass pointless conversations…

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1. Prepare your lines

Taking from actors and their scripts, it would do well if you prepared a few topics or questions that you think will help hold a heavier conversation with someone. Preparing ahead of time has its perks such as helping you jump into conversations while avoiding awkward silence. Try to read up on some general stuff like news or popular topics and you can ask questions like “Did you hear about…”.

2. Ask anything but “How are you?”

Asking bland questions such as how are you will get you bland answers like I’m fine/good/great among others. Instead ask detailed questions like “What have you been up to since we last spoke?” Centering a conversation about the other person makes them comfortable enough to deepen it.

3. Listen carefully and answer adding a question at the end

Ever been in a conversation where the other person cannot stop talking about them and gives you no opening. Don’t do that. Instead listen to them speak and talk less, add open ended questions after you speak because it may make their comfort zone increase a little more.

4. Treat the other person like a wise monk

What this means is to ask and seek advice on small topics like recommending a dish you should get, or ask them to suggest something you could do for the coming weekend. Asking ‘Advice’ establishes a safe space, where the other person feels their opinion matters and is wanted, helping them feel that they too are important, and injecting the conversation with authenticity.

5. Shut your phone off

If you want to make some genuine small talk you will need to separate from your electronic devices, at least temporarily. There is nothing more annoying than a person who is constantly checking their phone during a conversation. It is the surest sign of boredom in a conversation which is sure to meet with irritability by the other person and could probably cause them to just walk away from you.  
Just being generally friendly and openly interested in the conversation and picking up commonalities but listening carefully to what they are speaking about could lead into a perfectly perfect pleasant conversation. Small talk is not that hard after all, not if you try a little


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