7 Best Android Educational Apps for Children.

In the world of technology, the education has got better and handy with the coming of smart phone applications. And in the era of 21st century where parents are busy with their official works it’s very tough to handle kids’ education and learning at home.

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Android applications has bettered the day to day lifestyle of people, no doubt android apps also are coming with new and innovative ways in educational fields. Even for children there are both free and purchased apps based on education and learning.

Most of the android apps are handy and easy to use, both for children and their parents or guardian. These apps are built for kids to gain knowledge in different fields. From basic learning to wonders of science and geography, every single thing has an app built for it. Kids can use it anytime they want and have basic learning at home right at their fingertips.

There are many Android apps built for that purpose and let’s check some of the best Android educational apps for children: 

1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is free app that’s available at Google Playstore. It gives free service for schools, non-profit organisations and anyone who has access to Google accounts. Google classroom connects learners and instructors under one virtual roof both inside and outside the classrooms. It just takes a minute to set up and you can connect anywhere around the globe. The assignments are done paperless, which in turn saves paper and time. One can easily create classes, make assignments, stay organized and communicate properly just in one platform.

2. YouTube Kids

It’s a video app, the YouTube designed for kids. It has kid friendly educational videos, entertainment videos, learning videos and everything that a kid needs to learn. There are parental controls on YouTube Kids. The app is also designed to filter out inappropriate videos for kids. Parents can block any videos that they find inappropriate for their young ones. Parents can Block any videos and also flag it so that the app builders can have a thorough review on it.

3. Duolingo

Duolingo is probably the most decent and best apps for learning new language. It’s an app for all, who are eager to learn new languages. It’s good for children because it’s neat and safe to use. You can learn many different languages, for example: Spanish, German, French, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Ukrainian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Welsh, Hebrew, English, Romanian, Swahili, Norwegian, English and so on.  Duolingo will improve vocabulary and grammar skills and also practice reading, speaking, listening and writing skills.

4. ClassDojo 

It’s a free app for virtual classroom.  ClassDojo creates safe and simple communication app for students, teachers and parents. Here the teachers can encourage students for skills like “Working hard” and “Teamwork”. If parents want, they can see their child’s class works when students add their work on the digital portfolios for parents to see. Parents can also view their child’s updates sitting at home.

5. Amazon Kindle

Get your child into a regular reading habit. Amazon kindle has millions of books in store for you. Every reader can access this app and ranging from kids to adults, all can read their choices of books. Magazines, Newspaper, Novels all are there at your fingertips. There are options of free reading books as well. No wonder you can shop for eBooks. It also has access to use Built-in dictionary, Google and Wikipedia. You can also customize your reading.

6. ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

ABC Kids is a free alphabet and phonics teaching app. It’s ideal for toddlers, kindergarteners and preschoolers. The app comes with amazing and fun kids learning lessons with games. It has a series of tracing games which helps kids recognize shapes, letters and associate them with phonic sounds. Its adult friendly too. Parents can check their child’s toggle tracing and report cards.

7. CardDroid Math Flash Cards

Your kids can learn Mathematics and calculation in a more fun way. It has a concept of flash cards with colourful screen, sounds and animation of today’s technology. It has all sorts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division



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