7 Bollywood Celebs As They Opened Up With Their Depression Issues Will Make You Love Them Even More

Depression is more widespread than anything else in this world. From young teenagers to adults, everyone has got it. With severe competition in studies, career, business, occupation and the urge to be on top people often gets into deep depression. 

In addition, depression also has other causes; such as family history, any past or occurring bad incidents, personal insecurities, medical illness, drugs and alcohol use and much more. 

Bollywood celebrities are no exception. They might be under the flashlights of the media encircled with glitz and glamour, but what the camera cannot catch is: their depression. However these celebrities have come forward and spoke about their depression issues; how they are dealt with it or how they are dealing with it. And being the icon to their fans and followers, it’s a great contribution from their side to be a guide star to those who are undergoing depression. 

So let’s check out some of the Bollywood celebrities who opened up with their depression issues:

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1. Deepika Padukone 

Deepika Padukone charts Bollywood’s top actress list. But this doe eyed bold Bollywood Queen had a prolonged depression issue. In 2014, she was caught with depression and talked openly about it on the media. 

“Over a period of time, it got worse. When my parents visited, I would put up a brave front because they were worried about me living alone and working long hours.” She said to the media. 

But she has finally overcome with her problem and this is what she has to say to the society, “Overcoming it has made me a stronger person and I now value my life much more. Accepting it and speaking about it has liberated me. I have stopped taking medication, and I hope my example will help people reach out for help. Deepika, who is now a mental health campaigner as well has, took some positive steps towards solving out this issue as much as possible. Also it’s heard that she has established a mental health centre for people with mental issues.

2. Shah Rukh Khan
Wonder how the “Baadshah of Bollywood” can have depression? Well it’s very true. Even the King Khan wasn’t spared from the depression. “I am a different person in my films; I am very vocal and expressive in them, but in my personal life I am a very weird person. I face difficulty when I have to express my innermost feelings. I am very shy, quiet and reclusive as an individual” he told the media as asked. 

Talking about depression, here’s what the King of Bollywood has to say, “I feel so much healthy and refreshed from within – due to the injury and the suffering I had got into a depression mode but now I am out of it. I feel happy and boosted with energy. 
Shah Rukh Khan tore a ligament of the shoulder on 2008 during a shooting and he underwent surgery.

3. Anushka Sharma
The most popular actress of Bollywood, Anushka Sharma sadly also had to undergo anxiety issues. With successful hits on PK and after being on the cover of Vogue, Anushka tends to speak up about anxieties.

She is very clear about her problems and she also admits that even her family had such issues. But that’s completely okay. What matters are the taboos associated with things like anxieties and depression. And probably this is the reason people having mental depression, anxieties and other issues do not open up. 

She spoke out to the media and Vogue Magazine, “I have anxiety. And I’m treating my anxiety. I’m on medication for my anxiety. Why I saying this? Because it’s a completely normal thing. It’s a biological problem. In my family there have been cases of depression. More and more people should talk openly about it. There is nothing shameful about it or something to hide...”

4. Yo Yo Honey Singh 
The fastest growing Pop singer, rapper, producer and film actor, Honey Singh suffered from Bipolar disorder. The well known music composer confesses about the disorder and how it feels like. 

He admits, “The truth is I was suffering from bipolar disorder. It went on for 18months, during which I changed four doctors, the medication wasn’t working on me and crazy things were happening.”

And talking about the bipolar disorder, he added, “One year had passed and I wasn’t responding to medicines, until a fourth doctor from Delhi treated me. At one point, I thought I would live in this darkness forever. I had cut myself off from everyone. I didn’t come out of my room, forget stepping out of the house. I had a beard and I didn’t get a haircut for months. For someone who has performed in front of a crowd of 20,000, I was scared of facing 4-5 people. That’s what bipolar disorder does to you.”

5. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan has a brave say on media as he speaks about his own experiences of depression. “I have been through my ups and downs. I have experienced depression and confusion. It’s a normal thing and we should be very casual when we speak about it. I have experienced issues in my life. We all go through ups and downs in our lives. The ups and downs are important because we evolve through both of them. When you go through a down it is important to have a clarity of thought. Sometimes your brain takes over and it kinds of feeds you with unwanted thoughts. Feeds you with thoughts which are not aligned with what you want to do in life and that is the time you need an objective point of view or a third person to look at you and tell you that this is what has happened because you lose awareness at that time.” 

He affirms that people must be educated more and more about these issues. “Millions might not know they might be suffering from something clinical which is not their fault. It is nothing one should feel awkward about....We need to set ourselves free. We need to educate people.”

6. Varun Dhawan 

Even the latest young Bollywood actors and actresses are opening up with depression problems. Varun Dhawan did battle with depression. He was depressed while shooting for the film Badlapur. The intense revenge drama ‘Badlapur’ had made him give into some issues to a great extent, which he describes as, “I was depressed. I was not clinically declared depressed but I was heading there. I was very sad to a certain degree. I don’t want to use the term ‘depression’ loosely because it’s a serious illness. It definitely affected my mental health. I was prescribed and did see a doctor for it as well.”

7. Randeep Hooda

One of the most versatile and talented actor, Randeep Hooda went under depression while his shoot for ‘Sarabjit’. He had to get into the character of Sarabjit Singh. And to do that, he used to chain himself up, locked himself inside bathroom and write letters like Sarabjit used to do. 

He says, “There was a big hangover after ‘Sarabjit’ because of the involvement that was required in the film. It all lingers on. It has happened before as well. After ‘Highway’ I was depressed for a long time. I had to tell myself that I am not a petty taxi driver and that is not my life. Nobody loves me the way other characters loved mine in the film. You have to go through such things at times.”


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