7 Reasons You Should Visit the Western Ghats of India!

The Western Ghats were the funnest part of our road trips to Goa when I was a child. I still remember the little monkeys that sat on the road boundaries who seemed kind of magical to us, like at any moment they would become flying monkeys like in the Wizard of Oz and take off, into the forests below.

Here are a few reasons you should definitely consider travelling through this natural roller coaster.

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1. It is a World Heritage site

This vast and long stretch of mountains and forests is a protected area by UNESCO. It is also one of the world’s hottest biodiversity hotspots.

2. It is abundant in animal wildlife.

I already mentioned the monkeys, but there are a huge spectrum of animal species in this area including tigers, elephants, leopards, langurs, birds, fish, crocodiles and many others.

3. British and Parsi style houses in the mountains.

While travelling on the Mumbai-Pune expressway I noticed these adorable houses that were built with incredible style. From the road they look small in size but I assume they must be lavish, 5-4 bedroom houses in which some interesting people live.

4. Trek to your heart’s content!

In almost all the Hill-station you may stop during your ride you will be able to witness nature up close and personal on the numerous trekking routes and mountain climbing opportunities. A special place where I like to trek is in the center of the Nilgiris, at Coonoor, Tamil Nadu.

5. The coffee and tea plantations.

You need to check out the superb coffee and tea plantations along the Western Ghats especially at Munnar, a hill station that was much loved by our colonizers, the Britishers. Chikmagalur another hill station in Karnataka is known as ‘coffee land’ because of its abundant coffee plantations.

6. Waterfalls and water sports

Waterfalls are present all along the ghats, at almost every hill station. Magod Falls, Satoddi Falls Jenukallu are simply breath taking. And these amazingly fun-to-do sports are readily available on the river Kali at Dandeli in the state of Karnataka.

7. The wonderful and lush forests.

Whether it is in the monsoons, when the rain makes every surface turn bursts of sparkling green or in the summer when there can be seen every kind of wildlife, these wonderful forests can let you get completely lost in them. While walking through you will come on contact with all the forces of nature and it will make you want to build a small house bang in the middle of the forest. The Western Ghats are divided into lush green and moist evergreen forests. Take a walk down the wonderful deep forests that may never have been touched before by another human and you will experience nature like no one else can.


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