7 Weird Manias That Really Exist

Mania is actually a medical condition, which is associated with maniac depression, which is also known as bipolar disorder. It is associated with arousals, heightened and effective expression with lability of affect. The manias bring along irrational fascination or obsession for something. The word mania is used as a suffix to denote the compulsion or obsession for that particular thing. For example: Bibliomania is the crave for reading books. 

However there are there are some manias that are very unusual and interesting. Here are 7 weird manias that really exist:

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Sometimes we are too lazy to leave our bed. But for clinomaniacs, they have an excessive desire to stay on bed. They become irresistible to stay on bed, and they can stay for days on bed. They are in complete love with beds, pillows and blankets.


Now this mania deals with hair. It’s an urge to pull out hairs from body. Scalp hair, eyelashes, nose hair, facial hair, pubic hair, eyebrows or any body hair it can be. This basically creates self injury often resulting in bald patches on head.


When doing good becomes an obsession, it also is counted under mania list. Giving gifts and presents are good. Who would not love to see a smile on their loved one’s faces? But for some people gift giving becomes an obsession. It goes to a level where they become broke and faces problems of taking debts and credits.


We all must have fallen in love at some point of time. Or we might have some kind of affection or an urge to propose to someone we have a crush on. But making it an obsession is so unusual. Gamomania is an obsession where the Gamomaniac has a bizarre obsession of asking different people to marry at the same time.


It’s such a kind act to love wild animals. No harm in that. But for some people the liking of wild animals goes to a point where it becomes a madly obsession, so much that they also choose to live among them.


It’s the habit of compulsive lying. Sometimes they exaggerate things to justify their stories. It becomes so much that they assume its normal and do not even consider it wrong. 

So these are some weird manias that really exist. The main reasons behind these manias are still not completely known. But it is more of genetic, psychological, social and biological factors that are assumed to play role behind these obsessions.


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