7 things that happen in Your Body, you never knew were for an actual Reason

Our bodies are really an amazing creation, they are made up of so many intricate systems that if we actually stop and think about it, we would be mind blown. There are also a few things that happen to our bodies involuntarily and all of a sudden, of which we have no clue as to when or why they happen. 

Here you will find out exactly why your body does the following things…

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1. Goosebumps

Ever get goose bumps if a cool breeze suddenly hits you or while reading a scary book? This action is called a pilomotor reflex. Its origin is from our hairier ancestors, who had no problem with the fact that they had long luscious hair all over their bodies and it was in fact considered asset. It’s a reaction your body makes by contracting the muscles around the hair to reduce heat leaving your body thereby keeping you warm. This worked well for our predecessors because they had hair to preserve the heat, but not so much for us.

2. Sneezing

Aaachooo!! Human beings sneeze as a way to remove the toxins, bacteria, dust, pollen and allergens in your nasal passage so that they remain clear enough that you can breathe in fresh clean air. So next time you try to stop that sneeze, don’t!!

3. Stretching

Isn’t it the greatest feeling in the world is when you get a nice long crackled stretch when you wake up in the morning? So why does it bring us so much satisfaction and pleasure? 

While your body is sleeping or in a state of rest or sitting in a long position for hours, the joints and muscles get stiff and blood circulation drops, so when you stretch, the blood circulation fastens and actions become quicker and more energized. Stretching also releases tension and relaxes the body allowing you to start your day fresh!

4. Wrinkling of Skin on finger and toe tips

Do you ever wonder why your fingers are all creased up while taking a shower? The body recognizes the moisture in the air and cause wrinkles to appear so that you can grip objects more easily and the wetness doesn’t let your hands and feet get slippery.

5. Sleep starts

Sleep starts scientifically known as hypnagogic jerks are the jolts you get when you are halfway between wakefulness and sleep. There are many theories as to why they occur, the most common one being that the nerves misfire while going through the natural process from wakefulness to sleep. Don’t worry if they happen to you, they’re normal and completely natural.

6. Hiccups

Ever get hiccups after drinking sodas or eating too quickly or too much? This involuntary reaction occurs as a signal from our brain that there are disturbances from the neural pathways from our brain to our various muscles. Some common ways to get rid of hiccups are breathing into a paper bag or holding your breath.

7. Yawning

There are various reasons and theories why you open your wide in the morning letting a large gulp of air in and out of your lungs. Some theories are that when you are bored or sleepy you breathe in less oxygen and so the yawn lets in a large amount of oxygen at a time, stimulating your brain. If you yawn when you’re tired your brain activity is slowing causing the temperature to drop and yawning cools it down. So yawns are actually important for you, who knew?



24 Sep 2017 08:09 PM

I have also heard that scaring someone is a great way to rid them of their hiccups. When I worked at an elementary school, I tried it with one of my students and the other kids thought it was so funny. I just said boo, but it startled the little girl and her hiccups went away.

Melanie Frost

25 Sep 2017 03:29 AM

These are fascinating! I am a little on the fence about the wet wrinkled skin theory though. I don't know that the reason is so that you can grip things with wet hands. But it is cool to know that it does serve a double purpose!


25 Sep 2017 07:43 PM

This is quite interesting. I especially liked learning about the reasons for stretching.

Ania Travels

25 Sep 2017 09:01 PM

Oh this is so interesting. I've wondered why some of these happen before. I did know the one about yawning, the others are neat.


26 Sep 2017 11:18 AM

I had no idea about the science behind a lot of these phenomena! Interesting read.


08 Nov 2017 08:15 PM

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