7 Tips for Girls to Make Low-priced Clothing look Fancy AF!

It’s every girls dream to wear designer everything- from shoes, clothes, accessories and more. But the hole that that kind of merchandise can make in our pockets would not allow us to anything besides own clothes. So what can we do instead? This blog is here to rescue you! Use these 10 tips in order to look expensive every time you step out of your home.

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1. Don’t wash your clothes

You must be thinking, ‘Wait, what!?’ But it’s true! Washing your clothes is important but doing it too often can wear them out and make them faded or loosen them. Instead, wash them once a while and be careful to check their labels if they have any specific washing instructions, especially for sensitive materials like Lace and Lycra. Also make sure to hang up your clothes and let them air, the night before you wear them and use a steam iron instead of a normal one because it’s less likely to destroy all your pretty synthetic tops and dresses.

Tip: Keep your clothes in the freezer overnight, it makes all the gross odors and smells disappear!

2. Buy statement accessories

While wearing a simple outfit like a plain white tee and blue jeans, you can spice it up with a funky necklace, a matching handbag and sunglasses that you splurge a little extra on, so you have a trendy outfit without spending on everything you’re wearing. Even one strongly attractive albeit upscale item can fully turn around any simple, average outfit.

3. Add or remove portions and pieces that make the clothing look cheap.

Here’s where your fashion designer instinct comes into play.  You know that gorgeous top you got at a superb discount that has regular buttons making it look plain? Well, change it up with some fancy buttons and instantly spruce it up! There may also be times where you will have to remove some article or piece that makes some clothing look tacky, like an extra bow that’s not needed on the back of your trousers, or maybe a string of unnecessary chains on your necklace. In this case you just remove the pieces that make it look shabby and inexpensive and keep it classy and simple, which brings us to the next point.

4. Keep it Classy, Sleek and Simple

The problem with most girls is that, they think the more they have on the more extravagant they look. But too much glittery, dramatic clothes and chunky accessories just makes one look gaudy and run-down. Stick to simpler clothing that comes in neutral, elegant colors and in clothing materials are not too thin or inferior-looking.  Another tip would be to wear the classic timeless pieces like LBD’s, pencil skirts, crop tops with high-waist shorts and so on.

5. Make sure the clothing fits you

If there’s one thing that completely throws off an outfit it’s the fact that the clothes don’t actually fit you. Floating around in a huge balloon dress that is 2 sizes bigger than your actually size or a blouse that so much and out of shape it looks like a circus tent, then it’s time to go to a tailor. Tailoring your clothes makes sure that your clothing is the perfect size for you, which leaves looking like a million bucks! Even a simple button down shirt with cute, grey trousers can help you achieve your dream look but only if it fits you like a glove and is accessorized in the right way. So if you buy something that’s too big for you, then go and make it fit you, before painting the town red in it!

6. Maintain your hair, face, hands and feet

No matter what clothes and shoes you wear whether it’s discounted priced jeans or a super expensive maxi dress, it won’t matter unless you also take proper care of yourself. Washing your hair regularly and styling it (even if you do it at home), and keeping your skin moisturized and healthy automatically makes you slay. Cleaning and maintaining your finger and toe nails and painting them will make you look well put together. Add a dash of light (not heavy, caked on) makeup like eyeliner, blush and of course lipstick, and you’re ready to go!

7. Wear printed clothes that take traditional elegant shapes and outlines
This is a superb tip especially for those who love wearing print. Instead of going for a cheap-looking cheetah print top, go instead for a dress with smooth colors that compliment each in the print that you select. Pair this dress with simple wedges and a clutch and you will look like royalty. For an example of this tip just look at the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and the amazing ensembles she puts on.

We want to hear from you! Comment below some hacks you use, to make yourself look filthy rich!



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