8 Expectations Girlfriends have from their Boyfriends Vs Reality

Naturally in any relationship, men and women expect many things from their significant other. Many of which are actually ridiculous but there are sometimes a few things that are reasonable.

Here are a few expectations most women have from their boyfriends and also the actual way their boyfriends act.

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1. Expectation

He will be extremely good looking and all your friends will totally be jealous of you!


It turns out he’s average looking or he’s a few less points away from handsome. It’s no big deal though; to you he’s super attractive

2. Expectation

At a scary movie you expect him to hold your hand and be there for you because you’re afraid.


Even though he is sitting at the side of you he’s leaning towards his male friend on the other side and he’s scared shitless! 

3. Expectation

He takes you out for a beautiful & expensive meal at an exquisite restaurant to woo you. 


He says, “I’m broke babe, can we just order a pizza and stay home?”

4. Expectation

He surprises you at work and says he just wanted to see your beautiful face and that he missed you.


He cuts his nails, gift wraps it and offers it to you saying that he wants to give you a part of himself, literally.

5. Expectation

When you’ll fight, he comes to you admit he’s wrong and says sorry, and then buys you something to make up for it.


He ignores you give you the silent treatment and in the end you only go to him and try to make things better even though he’s the one who messed up.

6. Expectation

He remembers all the special days and makes sure he’s showers you with both material things and even writes wonderfully romantic poems on these occasions.


He forgets your birthday, but he gift you a handmade bracelet he made himself the next day. He forgets Valentine’s Day, but instead he buys two tickets to your favorite band the next week.

7. Expectation

He calls you every morning and tells you that you are the most beautiful girl in the world and he can’t believe you chose him, and then proceeds to whisper a spontaneous poem to you.  


He calls you and asks if he can borrow your car and some money so he can pick up some snacks for his game later.

8. Expectation

He’ll ask you to marry him in the most over-the-top way any man could, like taking you to Paris for a week or proposing to you while on a lonely and beautiful boat ride along a wonderful river.   


He takes you to McDonalds, gets down on one knee and says, “Will you McPlease marry me?”

Men can act really sense sometimes. You can tell them exactly what you want and they’ll still get it wrong. But at the same time they do the most beautifully unrehearsed things that honestly can take your breath away. So, I guess girls can learn to accept their boyfriends as they are, its way better that way.



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