8 Kind of Natures Bengali Girl Posses that You Will Definitely Fall in Love With.

You might have met different types of girls at different moments of life. But Bengali girls are way too exceptional and unique to hang out and have a healthy relation with. She can be your date, wife or your perfect bestie; if she is a Bong queen, then you are sure to find some traits in her that she owns. These Bengali beauties have some typical, unique and remarkable nature that you can relate to and will make you fall in love with them. 

So, let’s check 8 kind of natures Bengali girl possess that you will definitely fall in love with

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1. PNPC Mamonis

• Adda! Backbiting! Gossip! 
• Dialogue:  “Ei Janis ok kaal dekhlam omuk cheletar sathe!”
• They are the Google of the society with All India Radio Broadcast System and GPS tracker. They know everything about you!

2. Foodies

• From Street Food junkies to restaurant cuisines, these girls love to eat it all up!
• These foodaholics are the know-it-all about foods, how they taste like, which ones are found where and much more.

3. Obedient 

• These girls will come at home on time. 
• They don’t hang around very often.
• Will let their parents know where and with whom she’s going out.
• Their main Aim is to study well, do all the household work and be a perfect daughter and daughter-in-law

4. Culture Lover 

• These bong girls have strong taste for their Bengali culture and tradition. 
• They are fond of Bengali songs and traditional dances.
• Watching Bengali TV soaps and dramas are their favourite pastimes.  
• And yes, they look gorgeous in Bengali sarees and traditional kurtis!

5. The Nerd

• The bookworm she is!
• Her ambition is to be the topper of school and university. 
• She is smart and studious. 
• She only allows her Parents, Percentage and CGPA to rule her Life!

6. The Activist

• These kinds of girls are very active in politics. 
• They are class monitors, leader of college union group, and can join any ‘Meeting-Michil’ or can participate in ‘Dhormoghot’! 
• These bold bong beauties can break your bones anytime!!

7. Pseudo bong

• Mostly found in towns, especially in college and university campuses. 
• They are the torch bearers of the ‘Benglish’ culture! 
• They can wear bindis with top and jeans, accessorized with terracotta earrings and bracelets
• Mostly T-shirts are printed with Bengali poems, classical song lyrics or witty Bangla Quotes
• Love Robi Thakur, Rupam Islam, Coldplay, and Metallica at the same time
• Cha-cigarette, phuchka and Benglish accent-e adda is their favourite pastime.

8. The friend 

• Now this Bengali girl can turn anyone and everyone into her best friends. 
• She is comfortable in calling you ‘Tui’
• She can be your all time partner for a perfect hangout 
• All the DSLR guys just Be Aware!

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