8 Productive Ways to Spend Time When You Are Home Alone.

Probably we all think of having a pizza or dance like nobody’s watching especially when we are home alone. Well, those are pretty cool things to do! Who doesn’t need self pampering? But there’s other ways to spend your time when you are home alone. And that’s by doing some works that can fetch you some productivity. Nobody’s home and you are all by yourself. So why not do some works that will benefit your work. Here’s all that you can do.

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1. Finish pending work if you feel like

To the workaholics, just if you feel like working, then this is perhaps the best time for you. No one is there to disturb, so grab your laptop or notebook and do the rest of your work that you probably thought of doing later on.

2. Check mail

Often we ignore our mails and it gets stack up within a few days. So sit back, relax and check all the unchecked mails. What if you get through some really important ones?

3. Set your planner

One needs to chart out his or her schedule at least every week. And we often forget to maintain the routine of planning. So while you are all alone, you can grab a planner and start making a graph of your daily routines.

4. Start journaling

So you are having a stay-at-home moment. You have a full opportunity to grab a journal and pen down all your thoughts, plans, strategies and future prospects.

5. Attend all phone calls

Call to all the people you need to. From loved ones to clients and all those whom you kept on hold, for days. Keep a list of phone numbers that you need to call.

6. Declutter your desk

Clear your desk. Remove all the unwanted and unnecessary things. Even clearing the desk will make you feel organised. You will be able to focus more on work if you get all your things at the right place.

7. Meditate

No matter what work you do, you need to stay focused. And meditation is the best remedy from frustration, tension and any sort of depression and worries. Calm your mind and heal your body with meditation.

8. Research

Do some quick research and take down notes of it. This helps to advance your work a step further. It’s always better to have additional information on your work.



12 Oct 2017 02:18 AM

Love these tips and do them all! I deff need to make a list of numbers that I need to call back though, that's the one I put off haha


23 Oct 2017 04:05 PM

Really like this post


25 Oct 2017 01:23 AM

Great ideas - now I just need to get some time alone lol


25 Oct 2017 02:45 AM

These are great tips! Sometimes I feel so idle when I'm at home with nothing to do. I'll definitely have to try putting some of these strategies to use!

Ali Dunnell

25 Oct 2017 05:53 PM

I have recently stopped working as a teacher and am now trying to establish myself as an artist - but that involves spending lots of time at home, so these tips are really useful. Thanks for sharing

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