8 Strange Things That People Did Before Modern Inventions

Prior to inventions and devices like the refrigerator, toilet paper and the internet, people adjusted to life and made do just fine without them. Using smart and thorough methods, humans created ‘makeshift’ articles that help make their lives more convenient. But compare it to any of the available things in our generation and it’s basically a joke.  Here are some of the most unusual things that people used to do before life became super convenient. 

1. Rocks and corn cobs as toilet paper

Being invented only in 1857 toilet paper was not available to making wiping your butt with a soft material and instead of simply using water which was the least hurtful, people resorted to natural ‘cleaners’ like broken clay or pebbles and coconut shells.

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2. Frogs in milk

Yup, you heard that right… Before the refrigerator was invented to keep milk and other products preserved for a longer period, only a few people would drink milk as it would soon get spoiled. But the Russians were the ones who found a preservative, one that was successful. They used to store frogs in the milk buckets and the milk wouldn’t spoil because of the antibiotic peptide present in the coat of frog’ skin which stopped the formation of bacteria in the milk.

3. People as alarms

Before we had annoying things called alarms people used to just sleep in. but what about those who had an early morning job and had to get up at the break of dawn? The poor woke up to the loud sound if their roosters. But there were the richer folks who would hire ‘knocker-uppers’ who were basically human alarm clocks who would bang on your window with a stick until you woke up.

4. Human computers/ calculators

Before there were computers that would crunch numbers and difficult calculations there were human computers. Incredible individuals who were both smart and extremely patient who would manually solve complex equations and help scientists complete research. These human computers were also used to solve algorithms that help calculate the position and movement of Halley’s Comet, an incredible feat.

5. Nosegays for perfume

There is a flower that was used in the olden times that was used as some kind of perfume, in that it was placed in the lapel like a sweet smelling brooch. As most people wouldn’t bathe as often as we do now, this nosegay would supply them some nice smelling element to block out other people stenches and even their own!

6. 'Bloodletting’- the go-to cure

It seemed that to extract blood through a process called ‘bloodletting’ seemed to be the only solution to any and all diseases. For some reason they assumed things would be better if the patient lost a few liters of blood. Contrary to their idiotic belief and for obvious reasons, these methods often lead these patients to become sicker and weaker because of the loss of blood.

7. Crushed Pots- old toothbrushes

I never knew that toothbrushes were such an incredible invention. Before toothbrushes people really had no idea how to brush their teeth and resolved to hurtful methods such as crunching on broken crushed bricks and porcelain pots, during around the Industrial revolution. Crazy right?

8. Chopines- platform heels

This awkwardly shaped platform shoes were worm by the women in Venice for two reasons. One being for fashion, and the other to keep their expensive fancy clothes from getting muddy dirt from the road on them. The height for these types of footwear was about 20 inches tall! It was extremely hard to walk in and people often required the help of their maidservants even to walk short distances


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