8 Things That Night Owls Do and Only They Can Relate To

Night is the only time when except a countable figure, the rest of the world sleeps like nobody’s watching. But there are some people who sleep late; rather they tend to wake up for long hours at night. Insomnia is not the reason. Some have their own works to get done. And the rest are night owls. 

Night owls are basically those who stay awake for long hours at night. And there are certain things that night owls do while all are asleep. Some night owls probably might think the same way as well.

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So here are the 8 things that night owls do and only they can relate to

1. Imagine weird stuffs

While everyone is asleep; they remain wide awake all alone in the room. All the weird thoughts sweep across the mind at night. Even the innovative ones strikes on to the brain.

2. They are the Kings and Queens of Night 

The night owls actually end up thinking themselves as the Night Kings and Queens. They rule the night.

3. Turns on Music and Feels like a Grammy Award Winner

Dark night, pin drop silence and cold breeze. What can be more fun? Just turn on the favourite music and get lost into it. In fact they add your own voice too.

4. Dance! I mean Twerk, Dab, Whip and ‘Nae Nae’ 

Night time, nobody is watching. So they dance like a pro. All the dance moves they have been looking through all day in the TV and social media, they pour their talents out at night!

5. Be on the Weird Side of the Internet! No Regrets though!

Scrolling through Youtube, thinking of watching a video. And it ends up with multiple videos and you don’t even remember what made you click this.

6. Becomes a Fridge Magnet

The body forgets the medical fact of not eating after dinner in the midnight. And this turns to a massive night food-party. They’ll be opening the fridge like 10 times a minute.

7. Regrets in Life!! Why did I do this 6 Years Ago? 

When they think of sleeping, suddenly it’s interrupted by thoughts of embarrassing moments that’s been done earlier. And that really breaks all the sleep that somehow managed to peep in.

8. Thinks about sleeping at 4am

It’s time to sleep because it’s 4am. But then again they stay awake!



18 Oct 2017 12:42 AM

I can relate to every single one of these things! The regrets, fridge magnet, dancing, dark side of the internet lol. All of these are so relatable!

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