Movies You Should Not Watch With Your Parents

To remove stress and tension, we generally tend to watch our favorite movies. For entertainment purpose too, we watch favorite movies. There are also such movies which could make us feel distract and leave us speechless in fronts of our parents.

Have a Look, we collect some such movies:

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1. Hunterr

Watching this movie with your parents may be uncomfortable; because this movie deals with some sensitive matters like sex addiction, pre-marital sex, arrange marriages.

2. Masti (series)

All the movies from Masti series are very good comedies, but it’s all too sexual. It can be very uncomfortable to watch this sex comedy combination with your parents.

3. Kya Kool Hain Hum (series)

All the movies of this series have got to be little Vulgar! It is also a Good Sex comedies combination. It is a Good time pass movie to watch with your friends, but with your parents? A big No!

4. Dev D

This movie by Anurag kashyap was wholeheartedly accepted all across India. This was created a new brand of cinema in India. There are some very steamy scenes with the modern storyline in this movie, so it is better to avoid watching it with your parents.

5. BA Pass

There is a big no to watch this movie with your parents. There are hot scenes in the movie, a young lad is lured by mature women to sleep with them in return for money.

6. Hate Story (series)

Don’t watch all the movies from this series with your parents if you want to save yourself the embarrassment. Movies from the series had some super steamy scenes.

7. Sins

This movie was hugely controversial which was all about sex and some more sex. This controversial movie was starred by Shiney Ahuja. This controversial movie is a Good to watch with your friends, but with your parents? A big No!

8. Jism (series)

Movies from Jism series had lots of hot scenes. It is very uncomfortable to watch the movie from this series with your Parents.



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