9 Strange Dating Rituals From Around The World

Blanked texts, catfishes, and No-shows are now old way to send anyone into cardiac arrest but it may be enough. Dating is not easy. There are so many peoples around the globe are knee deep in courting calamities. Here we collect some Strange Dating rituals around the world. Have a Look:

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1. Perspiration-scented apples

It is an old tradition around 19th Century in Australia. Women keeping apple slices underneath their armpits and feeding these to the men they fancied after a special dance. Men would eat the apple and be forever in love if the feeling was mutual.

2. Severed Heads

Famous in Taiwan during the 19th century where the men seduced their ladies with decapitated heads. Men when returning from battle often brought their lovers a severed head as a token of their love. They would gladly accept the gift if women expressed the same emotion.

3. Chopstick charms

This tradition still stands in southwest China. In this tradition, women express their feelings with different symbols wrapped in handkerchiefs. The result depends on the number of the chopstick. One pair would mean ‘I Love You too’ whereas a single piece means ‘no, thank you'.

4. Whistles of romance

Whistling is an important tool of courtship in Kickapoo tribe of Mexico. Whistling encourages to stop others from getting in on their romantic plans. A unique whistle for each couple. Couple creates unique whistle for them to win some private moments with each other.

5. Dress to impress

This tradition is very famous in Wodaabe tribe of Africa. In this tradition, men dress up to impress their ladies. Special Dance competition named ‘Yaake’ occur in which men participate in their personal grooming in front of the all-female audience.

6. Fats Farms

This tradition of fattening up of women in farms where still popular in Africa. In this tradition, older ladies help young girls to gain weight and ready them to meet their future partner.

7. Belted Love

Popular during Italian Renaissance, to win women’s love, suitors would give out belts carrying sexy inscriptions.

8. Blackening of the bride

The popular tradition of  Scotland in which rubbish is thrown on the couple before their big day and paraded around town. It is believed that if the couple can survive that escapade, their marriage can survive anything.

9. Sweat-doused handkerchiefs:

It was believed that the men from Europe and other parts of the world would wear handkerchiefs around their armpits before going out for a dance. These handkerchiefs would be later used to wipe off sweat off their beloved’s face. The scent of handkerchief attract the woman and make them fall head-over-heels in Love.

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