A Must Try Bengali Dishes in these Popular Bengali Restaurants

Without any doubt one can proclaim that Bengali’s favourite pastimes or hobbies are eating and taking naps. Well that’s what makes Bengalis active, in all fields and professions! Food is the optimum priority for the people of Bengal. They love to cook, eat and serve dishes to their beloved ones. And yes, if you visit any Bengali’s home, they will never leave you without offering you foods and sweets. 

Be it any occasion, Bengali’s will leave no stone unturned to sit together and have a lovely bite at variety of dishes. Be a Bengali or non-Bengali, you will lick your fingers once you have the mouth watering Bengali dishes. 

You will get plenty of good Bengali restaurants, where they serve Bengali styled traditional plates and trays. So be a Bengali or not, you must try these popular Bengali dishes of these Bengali restaurants:

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1. Kewpies Kitchen

Located in Elgin lane, this family-run restaurant serves the most mouth watering Bengali cuisines.

2. Oh! Calcutta

Must try the Bhapa Hilsah and Smoked Bhetki. Also, people love Daab Chingri, luchi, Jumbo Prawns. A Pure Bangaliana restaurant.

3. Lokaahar

At affordable price, get the best of Bengali cuisines. Don’t miss the dishes like Mochar Chingri, Mochar ghonto, dhokar daalna, Mutton Dak Bungalow and the list is endless

4. 6 Ballygunge Place

Have a beautiful Bengali ambiance along with delicious Bengali cuisines.

5. Bohemian

Mostly it serves both Bengali and continental cuisines. And you will probably end up licking your fingers once you taste the ‘Bangali style ranna’!

6. Saptapadi

Bengali themed restaurant with appetizing and full-flavoured Bengali dishes.

7. Aaheli

Bangaliana at your doorstep! Experience all the Bengali dishes with a luxury ambiance.

8. The Bhoj Company

The Taste of Bengal at its pocket-friendly price!

9. Bhojohori Manna

Paturi, Basanti Pulao, Kosha Mangsho, Daab Chingri and the list is on..

10. Kasturi

Now this one offers a double fun, it serves you with both Bengali dish and Bangladeshi cuisines.



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