A Spellbinding Tour to Akshay Kumar’s Lavish Home: Where the Home Plays with Nature

When the camera turns its focus towards celebrity homes, all we think about is the extravagant plush they are dwelling in. What we miss out is the love, care and the unceasing hard-work they put into in order to embrace the bed of roses.

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Akshay Kumar, one of the brilliant and extraordinary actors of Bollywood and his wife Twinkle Khanna who is an actress turned Blogger, Columnist and interior designer has let their plush abode narrate their own story. The oasis of tranquillity with eyes wandering over beautiful arts, eye-captivating souvenirs, miraculous room decors and personal family photographs, is what Akshay and Twinkle’s home comprehends.

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The Arabian Sea greets the house every single day. The home-sweet-home symphonizes with the vast stretching seas layered with greenery, natural lights and alfresco architectonics letting the nature come in and play for long.  The sea-facing extravagant dwelling has been planned by Twinkle herself.

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Twinkle Khanna was the think tank behind the planning of the entire house. Paola Navone ceramic stools, artefacts and keepsakes collected from trips and tours, sculpture, gifts, art given by loved ones, mom and son are the ingredients that have lightened up the entire living.

The home is all about cleanliness ornamented with antique silver candelabras, brass-and-glass Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla centre table, an indoor pond, 13-part pendant light installation by Klove Studio and so much more neatly organised giving an elegant look to it. “a modern, clean-cut space with eclectic cultural references” is what Khanna speaks of her home.

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Italian-style sofas, floating daybed from Dedon, silver cow sculptures from South India, monstrance from churches of Europe teamed up with some powerful feminist arts all collages perfectly in the Kumar and Khanna’s grand crib.

“Clutter isn’t a bad thing. But you must organise your clutter so it looks neat: line it up according to a theme or colour, or intersperse it in your bookshelf” suggests Twinkle Khanna, the interior designer herself. After Khanna quit her job as an actress from the film industry, she specialised in AutoCAD and worked as site supervisor for architect Hafeez Contractor.

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She also crafted a unique railing on the staircase made of rope and is very proud of her innovative work of placing bookshelf under the staircase. “It’s a tricky space for everyone, usually wasted or reserved for shoes... but I needed a space for my crates of books” she commented on her artwork.

Their home is out of all the hustle bustle of the busiest city in country. Free from all the traffic, pollution, no road cutting between the sea and home. It faces the blue sea catering the positive vibes of the blue nature. “I love the layers of green and blue when I look out”. The glass-walled bathroom of the master-bedroom allows them to have a look at the beautiful landscape outside through the one-way glass.

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The alfresco area is all green where they take their meals at a corner on a Kansa dinner set, and the couple do their exercise every day all under the fresh air of nature.

On further conversation regarding her spacious home and alfresco area, she said, “It’s not about floor-to-ceiling windows; it’s about understanding light, playing with elevation, using the right textures.”

The beautiful home is away from all the city bustles, giving the family a peaceful stay.

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