Afraid to Interact With Your Co-workers? Here are 12 Tips to Know You Co-workers Better

We all face or might have faced some sorts of problems in interacting and cooperating with the colleagues and co-workers. May be it is due to the introvert and shy nature that most of the people face when they enter a new workplace, which results in not opening up with the co-workers. Your office is your second home, and in order to have a cordial relation with everyone, you must get to know your co-workers.

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Now before we move on to how to know your co-workers better, we must know why we should know our colleagues better: 

• Because you might need help from them at times

• They can help you and be a good friend of yours even outside the office

• You must know all types of psychologies present there 

• Lets you be aware of office strategies, goals and office politics

• You will be able to realise who are good natured and who are not

• Even if there are some negative people around you, at least you could be aware of them

• Having a compassion and bonding leads to a great team-work

• Team-work leads to success, both of the company or organisation and individuals

• Because: “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.

So now that you got some basic reasons as to why you should get to know your co-workers, let’s move on to our biggest concerns: How to know them better.
Well, here’s how: 

1. Start with a Greeting

If you are too scared of interactions, at least gather your courage to say a “Hi”, “Hello” and greet “Good morning”. These are little starters of conversation. It feels good, try it!

2. Small Talks Gives a Large Out-turn 

Don’t make yourself isolated. Have small conversations in between works, or at break times. These small conversations are a gateway to enter into deep and critical conversation in the near future. And critical conversations always benefit you in understanding the workplace better, managing tough situations and create healthy work relationships.

3. Make interests in co-workers lifestyle and interests 

Learn what your co-workers like; what are their interests. Share your hobbies with them. It might match with one of your colleagues. In this learning and sharing, you might also come across new hobbies and ideas that might interest you.

4. Have good conversation

Having good conversations lets you aware of what’s happening in and around the office and who is up to what. Conversations are the most proactive way to build a healthy work relationship as well. It also leads to good teamwork. You will get to examine the issues, make decisions and evaluate.

5. Don’t go too deep

In midst of being ‘friendly’ often many become ‘too open’. Be aware, that might lead into trouble. Do not open yourself up too much. You can share all your pains and bad days but do not share your weak points whilst becoming too emotional.

6. Politeness and Respect –Make sure this stays 

Remember, they are your co-workers. So having a mutual respect is a must. Make sure you behave politely. Being aggressive is something you must avoid in the office, even if some of the colleagues are showing some negative vibes against you. Calm down if such things happen. Just be polite and 90% of the chance, you will receive the same in favour.

7. No gossiping please 

It’s good to talk about one another, but make sure you don’t get caught up in negativities and gossiping. That will create nothing but dirty politics. You are there for your work and to create a healthy work atmosphere. The more you gossip, the more it will create negative image for one another. It will only end up in doubts and confusions.

8. At times, Be a Helping hand 

You can reach out to your co-workers when they are in need. Helping is a kind gesture, and believe me, it will make them happy. But yeah, make sure that:
Your own work is done first
Do not expect any help in return

9. Engage in Office Parties

There will be office parties, informal meetings, one-to-one session, birthday parties, and festivals in the office. Don’t miss those or don’t avoid those occasions. It’s when you can mix with people freely. You will also gain recognition.

10. Have a Hangout after Office Hours 

Chill and relax. Have some cups of coffee outside the office, or go for a hangout. A carpool would also be a better option. Often we don’t express more inside the office due to rules and office morals. But outside the office, we got that freedom! Make sure not to be too much open because the next day, they will meet you in the same office.

11. Ask 

If you have any doubts, ask your co-workers. The questionnaire shall always be there as long as you have doubts or confusion, regarding works and work ethics. You will also get to know who gives what kind of solutions to your doubts.

12. Avoid office politics 

It’s a strict red alert! Stay away from office politics, as much as possible. But yeah make sure you are not the hot topic. Ignore gossiping, backbiting and criticisms. These will fetch nothing but trouble. 

So these are 12 tips to know your Co-workers better. Work smart and play safe. Be friendly but professional. And there you are, all geared up to set a healthy and balanced work life with cordial relationships with your co-workers.


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