And Now Fashion Wants Women to Put On Some Hanging Crotch Charms!

“Sexy charms for bikini crotch” –That’s how it is marketed! Yes, you heard it right; women’s vajajay (crotch) now needs pampering too! According to a Japan based company, BoDivas which makes crotch jewelleries and ships those charms, has named it “Beachtail” –Hmmm, pretty interesting! The chains are near about 7.5cms long and the price ranges from $19.50 to $22.50. 

Each of these charms is nothing but ornamented metal chains which were supposed to be worn inside underwear or thongs. It can also be worn with bikini bottoms, shorts, G-strings and panties which you want to glam up. The chain type links is then supposed to drape underneath your crotch and dangle between your legs. 

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Now these are pretty bizarre and I wonder who would love a metal hanging down from there! Imagine the metal got accidentally stuck into your vag! 

Or imagine it got rust due to the sea water dives; won’t it rust your vagina too? 

On top of that issues, it comes with fancy metals like silver-plated brass and even in Swarovski crystals with attracting colours like black, red, and turquoise. 

These Beachtails are a big no-no to most of the beauty and fashion bloggers. But however if you want a different taste down there, then you can dare to wear one! 



15 Oct 2017 07:36 PM


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