Android Oreo Surely Is Storming Up The Devices With Some of The Coolest Features. Number 7 is Honestly Very Useful One.

Android Oreo has become tastier than before as it was introduced in the Android World. The final version of Android Oreo is all set to be used in the Pixel and Nexus devices. Soon it will be available in all the other devices. Android Oreo is all geared up with bunch of new features. The Developer Reviews are all over the internet with a whole bunch of information. If you follow the Developer Reviews, you will get to know what’s in the bag that has caused so much interest. 

Here are some of the coolest features that are in the new Android Oreo:

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1. Picture-in-picture

Now you can view two apps at a time. For example: You can shrink down YouTube videos from the YouTube App to a little  window and run another app.

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3. Snooze notification

Snooze notifications unless you want to see them. You can also dismiss them never to view again. How cool is that?

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4. New emojis to play with

Bringing new emojis is no exception when it comes to Android Oreo update. Emoji icons have been redesigned and many new are added; such as: a dinosaur, a fairy, a wizard etc. Whole new expressions to send to!

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5. Better battery life

There are options like limiting the background activity of the apps. The launch of Oreo has much better options like one can control what apps can or cannot do in the background.

6. Advanced Camera options

Now with the new camera app, one can zoom up to 50 per cent with a double-tap. Camera bottom will appear on the left of the record button in the video mode and a video mode will appear in the right side of the photo mode’s shutter button for a better convenient usage.

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7. The Auto-Fill

Android Oreo has quick log in services. The Auto-Fill will remember your usernames, and also in some cases your passwords so that you can quickly jump into the apps you have on your device.

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8. Change icon shape

With Android O you can change your icons’ shape. The Oreo comes with different adaptive icons. Now stylize your phone’s outlook like you want! –This is expected feature though. Not sure it will finally be on the device. 

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So these are the coolest of features that we will see in Android Oreo. Arrived on 1st August Monday on the solar eclipse, this will be available in Pixel, Nexus, Pixel XL, and Nexus 5 X, Nexus 6P or Pixel C and soon will be available on other devices as well. Now enjoy the Oreo on your smart device as well!


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