Awe-inspiring Pictures of the World taken from Bird’s Eye View

The World has innumerable natural and manmade creations that looks wonderful and eye-captivating, leaving you spellbind at just a glance of it. Living in those places would be a magical experience.

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Whenever we explore round the world, we do come across some of the well known places that’s popular due to its scenic beauty or man-made infrastructure with high architectonics. We must have seen its extraordinary pictures with high definition quality on the internet or at travel magazines.

But some of the places look equally and unbelievably marvellous even from the above. The sky high altitude captures the best of view from above. The skyscrapers reaching their head towards the sky, the meandering of rivers with numerous twists and turns, the city planning that looks like geometrical shapes, seas and oceans that looks like a whole new planet are exactly how it seems from the above.

Imagine how lucky are the birds that can fly high above in the sky watching the creations of the world. But we humans can also experience the same with the help of technologies of course. These pictures are either taken from airplanes, gliders, air-balloons, helicopters and drone cameras and satellites. Some pictures are taken from the altitudes where even the birds can’t reach.

So let’s check out some amazing views taken from high above

1. Central Park, New York City

2. Venice

Image Credit : World wide Interweb

3. Giza Pyramids, Egypt

Image Credit : Satellite Imaging Corporation

4. Tulip Fields, The Netherlands

Image Credit : Normann Szkop

5. Meskendir Valley, Turkey

6. Athens

Image Credit : Imgur

7. Marina Bay, Dubai

Image Credit : Airpano

8. Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

9. London, England

10. Tokyo, Japan

11. Vancouver, Canada

12. Singapore

13. Niagara Falls, Canada

Image Credit : Alterra


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