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Often we come across some familiar words which we don’t even know that it’s not used the way it actually means. It has actually transcended its interpretation from a general meaning into a whole new different one. And those are quite interesting. From virtual text messages to social media platforms, these slangs are on trend everywhere. Some are old words reformed into a new meaning; some are acronyms of two or more words while some are completely new words. It’s not just about LOL and WTF anymore. 2018 has almost a dictionary of words those are appropriate to be categorized under Slang.

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You should always be familiar with these innuendos, code words and short acronyms, for you are also a part of the internet world. And, who doesn’t want to stay updated? What if someone threw some of these words at you, and you never know what it was all about? Get yourself educated and be a slang pundit with all these new internet slang of 2018.

1. Smash

To have a very good sex with someone

2. Basic

Used to describe the person who is lacking originality. Or who is lacking intelligence.

3. Daddy

A smart, worthy man who takes care of his girl. It also means one who has power over you.

4. Extra

It means over the top, or excessive or way too much.

5. Fam

Someone who is more than a friend and is just like a part of family.

6. Finesse

The art of persuasion or tricking someone smoothly.

7. Goals

Aims or targets that one tries to achieve, especially in life, love, relationships, food, fitness etc.

8. Lit

When someone or something or any situation is hot and happening or popping.

9. Live/Living

Someone or something that has given you back the strength and desire to live. Or any goals for which you are living for.

10. Dead/Dying

When someone or something is so funny that you cannot control your laugh and so you are already dead laughing

11. Low Key

To be secretive about something, not something that you wish to announce publically.

12. Done

Fed up or completely over a person or task or any situation.

13. Salty

1. Being upset. 

2. to be bitter about someone or something.

14. Savage

Badass or cool. It also means rude or violent.

15. Bae

Before Anyone Else. Generally referred to your boyfriend, girlfriend, and crush.

16. CU46

It’s a text for “See You for Sex”.

17. Netflix ‘n chill

To meet with an excuse of watching Netflix or TV and having sex instead.

18. TBH

Short form of To Be Honest.

19. Gucci

Being okay, good or fine.


Acronym for ‘Naked in front of Computer’


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Wow, These are Trending now a Day.

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