Boyfriend on Rent - Don't be Single this V-Day

Being single is of course a choice for all single millennial ladies, but a few endorsements can really make it hard for you. A 26 year old Gurgaon-based entrepreneur Shakul Gupta, is all geared up to rent himself out this V-Day and his packages range from “holding hands” to “anything you want” for the single ladies out there!

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When asked why he would do such a thing, his response was quite simple- “It’s just my way.”

In addition to his packages, Gupta- the heartthrob is also offering a discount of 20% and a free ride in his Audi. All you have to do is use the promo code 'RICHGUY'!

In a Facebook post, Shakul clearly states what he can’t do and what he can. He might not be able to defend his date from cockroaches but he can definitely turn from Christian Grey to Sweet lover as dictated by the packages. The actual tariff for the packages and the dates has not been mentioned in the post.

Looking at throwbacks, this definitely isn’t the first time Shakul is offering himself as a boyfriend on rent.  5 girls were chosen last year and the date ended with a  gifted dinner at Oberoi and an iPhone 7.

All the single ladies, would you like to put a ring on it?

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