Cancer and no make-up selfie?

Every once in a while, new trends come up through Instagram/ Twitter and take it by storm like the mannequin challenge, the ice bucket challenge and many more. Selfies with duck faces and pouts are another trend and so most other people regard selfies as obnoxious and superficial. However, here is one selfie trend that went on to raise 8 Million pounds for Cancer Research UK.

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The no make-up selfie used on Instagram and twitter as #nomakeupselfie did not start as anything even remotely connected to cancer research. The first post wasn’t even #nomakeupselfie but simply ‘No makeup’ by a novelist called Laura Lipmann who tweeted this on the 5th of March. 

 no makeup selfie is a selfie of a person who does not have any make up on, a completely natural face.  Many celebrities and thousands of women all over the world have posted selfies of themselves without any makeup on to help raise money for cancer research. The funds raised are going to be used to undergo 10 new clinical trials, though Cancer Research UK said that they would definitely be able to do far more with these generous contributions.  

So I guess selfies are not always a bad thing eh?


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