Chill-out with Kolkata’s 5 Best Rooftop Restaurants.

The vast city is stretched out beneath and you are on top living the moment, having a guilty pleasure as many of your friends might miss the chance hanging out with you. An unobstructed crystal clear view of how our city looks from the sky-high shall serve you the best of pleasure. The rooftop outdoor seating appeases our mind deviating it from the roused and ruffled state to the nature of tranquillity. Well that’s how it is to be on the rooftop restaurants in Kolkata.

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The City of Joy always offers the best of eateries that you can ever experience. And now as the winter is approaching, the Kolkata treats you with the best of rooftop restaurants. Sense the cold breeze and gaze at the world outside as you sip in your favourite drink and have a fine and dandy time with your loved ones. And I know what you might be thinking right now: the budget! You absolutely don’t have to live high off the hog to cherish one beautiful evening. These rooftop restaurants are absolutely pocket-friendly and set a perfect ambiance for you to experience the ivory tower kind of life.

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Here are our selected 5 rooftop restaurants which are going to give you that exact feeling that we were talking about: 

1. Blue And Beyond

You are definitely be having some wonderful memories once you visit this place. Blue And Beyond reigns the Lindsay Street of New Market area. Dining on the top, getting to look at the Old Kolkata, Hogg’s Market and Victoria Memorial is no doubt a worth remembering experience.  The fine dining experience is surely beyond the blues.

2. Ozora

You will be amazed to see that Kasba’s Acropolis Mall caters a stunning rooftop restaurant: Ozora. The restaurant is located on the 20th floor giving a breathtaking experience as you can almost view the entire Kolkata at one glance.

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3. Smoke Shack

Experience the finest of lounging under the open sky and by the pool. Venue: Park Plaza, Ballygunge.  Cocktails, mocktails, drinks and smoking options are on your demand. Away from all the hustle and bustle, a luxurious dining with rooftop sky view and a ‘cool pool’ view is totally worth the price.

4. What’s Up

Located on Southern Avenue, the rooftop ambiance teaming up with the mini pool and shisha will win your heart on the first place. You’ll feel lucky to experience the live music with the refreshing breeze touching your soul within. So ‘What’s Up’? It’s definitely you and your amazing moments.

5. Over the Top

Over the Top aka OTT, as the name suggests is a cosy comfy rooftop restaurant, located in Park Street area. Risotto, mocktails, peri peri chickens and a whole lot of menu to give pleasure to your taste buds. Nightlife with bar is also at your service if you wish to get trippy for the evening.


Aditya Kejriwal

06 Jan 2018 11:49 PM

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