Christmas Tree Eyebrow is What We Are Decorating This Year on Our Face.

Christmas is all in our way to serve us a happy feeling to the about-to-end one heck of a year. And this year we had loads of make-up trends ranging from cool to weird to almost WTF! And to add cherry to the ‘Christmas’ cake, we have got Christmas Tree Eyebrow trend that’s getting viral all over the social media platform.

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Whether the look is weird or not, that’s totally up to the eye brows of the viewers but it’s definitely creative and something new. In the midst of some weirdest eyebrow trends like squiggle brows, feather brows, dragon brows and so on, the Christmas tree eyebrows still shows a fanciful trendy look. The brows are shaped like a Christmas tree with jewelleries studded on the furry hairs.

The look was first created by YouTube lifestyle blogger TayTay who uploaded a tutorial of how to make this look work out. Later this look went viral as expected to be, and many other beauty bloggers, YouTube makeup gurus, and trend followers also created the Christmas tree look in their own artistic way.

The look basically needs eyebrow brush, eyebrow gel, tinted eyebrow gel, eye-shadows, eyelash glue, mascara, studded gems. Now anybody can create a look with minimum makeup products mentioned above. You just need to part your hairs to make it look like a Christmas tree and set it with gel and colour it with eye-shadows. For extra, you can work on your brows adding some gems and jewelleries.

Whether good or bad, this look is surely in for this Christmas.


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